Google+ profile will not be your identity in all Google products, start from Youtube

Google+ profile will not be your identity in all Google products, start from Youtube

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Google+ (Sometime mentions by Google Plus) launched on 28 June 2011, 4 years ago. When it being introduce to the market, some people think it might be a threat to Facebook. It can be a threat as all android device system under Google, it should be brighter future than any other apps. The actual case is not as expected, it has a group of people who actually supports Google+, still not strong as competitor. Continue reading

Avoid Traffic jam due to Jalan Ampang, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Raja Chulan, Jalan Perak and Jalan P. Ramlee to be closed for KL City Grand Prix Race

Avoid from Traffic jam due to few roads to be closed for KL City Grand Prix

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Yes, is KL City Grand Prix on 7 to 9 Aug, just around the corner. Few roads will be closed from Morning 6am until evening 6pm for inaugural KL City Grand Prix race. The Race flag off from KLCC Suria, then race through the mentioned roads and Checkered flag back at KLCC Suria. Estimated to have 100,000 crowds for this event, we expect more than that. By that mean, estimated around 10,000 vehicles park around KL City Center. Continue reading

You don’t know how to communicate with other without your Smart Device

Communication Break Down without smart phone

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Communication, just a simple word, that means a lot different to different person.

What is your idea of “COMMUNICATION”? Continue reading

5 Kick-Ass tips to write a World Class Resume for Job Application

5 Kick-Ass tips to write a World Records Resume for Job Application by life beside the edge

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Resume is the first official document reach to your target corporation. It also the first impression in the interview meeting. That why many people pay a big amount of money to learn how to do it properly. Continue reading

A living teacher that didn’t kill himself 30years ago, Koji Ikematsu

A living teacher that didn't kill himself 30years ago, Koji Ikematsu

Image captured during the seminar.

Have you ever think of killing yourself?
When the speaker asked once he step onto the stage, everyone got shocked.

Koji kick start his talks in National Achievers 2015 Congress. A wow from the audience and quiet in next few second. Koji asked how many person in the room has the same thought as him. I’m surprise that there are more than 10 persons raise up their hand. Another wow in my heart. Continue reading

News Nuggets, Brand new way to access Malaysia News in most simple way

News Nuggets, Brand new way to access Malaysia News in most simple way

In Smart Device Generation, there are tonnes of app available in all possible provider, developer just create differ app to suit everyone needs. As there is demand, there is supply.

News Nuggets, a brand new news feed reader that make everyone access to news easier and faster. Simple and easy to use, just few clicks and we can keep in touch with Malaysia News and International News. Continue reading

Product Review for Palette Gear – Take photo editing to next level

Product Review for Palette Gear - Take photo editing to next level

Taken from the Palette website

Photo editing is fun, retoucher can do all the magic onto the images and make it looks more vibrance, outstanding and Wow… Yet the background job to create the images is tough, many steps involved and lot of commands to use. Sometime, might think any gadget can simplify it, just like Wacom simplify the mouse usage. Continue reading

Human Resources Department in Heaven and Hell, that’s Recruitment Process

How many of you are expert in Recruitment? How many people you’d interviewed and recruited?
I been interviews with countless freshies from University, or professional experience person. In the recruitment process, we might or might not disclose work style of the company, and always interviewee expect miracle will falls on them. Most of them gone insane after few months working in new workplace.

Why? Let me share you a story that I read from internet…

Continue reading

Different between Letter, Email, SMS, Pager, Call & Whatsapp / WeChat / Line

Letter – People use to write letter to others before the existence of EMAIL. Sometime, people still using letter as a media to contact people who stay far away or do not have any access to internet service. There some shy people like to write letter and send to the person that they admire/like, to confess, to love or to hate.

Email – The replacement of Letter for digital world. People like to send/read email from others. I think there are billion of emails slip into others’ mailbox daily. I do not like to write email to my true friend, for me, email do not have soul & spirit. We can write anything without thik twice in email mainly due to it do not added any sincerity on it. I still prefer to receive a poor handwriting letter rather than the well edited email.

Sms – Short msg service, great invention of human kind, award winner! We can keep in touch with anyone in this world by having a handphone & a service provider (such as T-mobile, Vodafone, Orange, etc) I like to sms my love-one all the time. A simple msg of SMS might brighten a person for the whole day.

Pager – I never use this service before. I think it should appear before my time. I heard that there are some country is using this gadget now.

Call – Phone call. The most direct way of communication. We can hear their voice thru the device so call “Phone”. I like to call my friend during my free time (actually not all the friends, just specific few person). Nowaday, Human created another kind of service so call “3G service”. We can see the person we called. Brilliant invention.

Whatsapp / Wechat / LINE – Latest instant messaging app, which make people to people getting nearer, no boundary. Enable to share video, photos and even voices just split second, no matter which corner in this world you are. This matter of communication basically kill off Pager, and SMS. Some people also take this to replaced Email.

No matter what kind of communication method, I think the sincerity of communication must be in place. It so easy.

Camera Review: Casio ZR3500 – Snap photo and share is too easy

Casio ZR3500 Camera Review

Breakfast with Casio ZR3500, Phuket – Thailand

Everybody loves to have a good camera to bring along in any trip, to record every split second of life, of fun. Yet, which one to choose for? There are so many brands and models in the market. I pick Casio ZR3500 for review this time.

Why I pick it? Mainly due to it weight is lighter, approx 2548g. Of course it main feature as below also one of the main reason I like it. Continue reading