10 simplest ways to make Photographers hate you

10 simplest ways to make Photographers hate you
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Photographer, usually the most friendly person in any occasion. They always smile, helpful, and they capture your most beautiful moment. They are everywhere and always ready to assist you, attended your needs.

Just because they’re friendly, helpful, always smile, doesn’t means they’re FOC, “FREE of CHARGE”.
Just because their work at this moment in Softcopy, doesn’t means it won’t cost any dollars and cents.
Just because you not willing to pay, doesn’t means they need to work for FREE (Even they’re your best Friend).

If you feel that Photographer should not charge you, and you don’t wish to see them anymore. There are 10 easiest ways to chase them away, far far away.

01. Tell them, you just click click, damn easy job, no need charge me, do it for me (Who are you?)

Do not think you’re celebrities or politician, where you entitle for free photography. You can go try ask McDonald for free Burger, try it.

02. Ask for their RAW files, unedited photos, and other photo beside what you received.

Why you need the unedited photo while you paid for the edited version? Have you ever ask for the beef bones at the steak house when you pay the bill?

03. Expect they do free for you, after shoot, just pretend don’t know and don’t pay.

Just try to order your meals at Restaurant, finish it, and walk out like that, see what will happen?

04. Cut off their watermark, their branding on the photo. You can try put your own on it.

Order a McDonald burger, unpack it, pack it into your own container, said “I don’t know where I got this from”

05. Heavily apply colour/photo filter onto their works, then post it and credit them.

Order a McDonald burger, open it, put lot of other ingredient, then snap and picture and post with caption “Special order from McDonald”

06. Tell them “I hire you as my photographer, because I just wish to let you earn some money”

Do not tell me that you don’t cook because you wish everyone around us to earn your money by selling you their food. You can just leave, our photos don’t need you, we can pay our bill without your aids.

07. Ask them Jump from the cliff and snap you while falling (Are you crazy or Mad?)

Is like asking a Monk to act in gambling movie. Please respect their professional, they don’t do everything for everyone.

08. Received all the photos and post up, credit yourself and don’t mention about them.

Order a McDonald burger, unpack it, pack it into your own container, treat it as you cook it.

09. Invite them to your party, text them in Whatsapp “Brings your camera along ya”

If they don’t bring the camera, you feel disappointed. Actually just ask everyone selfie and wefie during the event, better, save one headcount, save money.

10. Tell them “I can take this photo if I have the same camera as good as yours”

Is not about the camera, is about who take the picture at the right time, right angle and right setting.

You have the Camera, doesn’t means you have the Skill.
You have the Len, also doesn’t means you have the right composition.

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