1st week April 2017 Malaysia Petrol RON95 RON97 Diesel Price Update

Malaysia Petrol RON95 RON97 Diesel Price Update Taken from website

Malaysia petrol price start to have different price every month, every month end, Government will inform the latest price for next month. That’s something interesting for all the Malaysian, is just like waiting exam result every month.

The latest price had been announced by government, let see what is the price for previous month…

[RON95 RON97 Diesel Price for Mar 2017]

RON 95 – RM2.30 per litre
RON 97 – RM2.60 per litre
Diesel – RM2.20 per litre
Diesel Euro 5 – RM2.30 per litre

Now, let’s see the price list for the coming week.

[RON95 RON97 Diesel Price for 1st week Apr 2017]

RON 95 – RM2.13 per litre (Decreased by RM0.17)
RON 97 – RM2.41 per litre (Decreased by RM0.19)
Diesel – RM2.11 per litre   (Decreased by RM0,.09)
Diesel Euro 5 – RM2.21 per litre (Decreased by RM0.09)

RON 95 RON97 Diesel all decreased by RM0.09 ~ RM0.19, tonight can sleep well, no need to queue up for petrol.

Do follows Malaysia Petrol Price

Petrol Price Malaysia

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