Be a StemCell Donor, help Jane Chin

Be a StemCell Donor, help Jane Chin

I personally do not really understand how severe of MDS (Myelodysplastic syndrome) until today, when Jane posted her report and doctor quote about her sickness, I did some research in internet, MDS is very serious illness. Doctor quoted Jane condition can categorise to Moderately symptomatic (layman term is means serious condition). Now she need to go through more test and she needed the matching HLA (Human leukocyte antigen) with her son, her dad can’t do it due to old age. She only have a hope now, and that’s her son.

Hereby I would like to ask anyone, everyone, if you are registered StemCell donor, then I hope your data can matching with Jane. If you’re not registered StemCell Donor, do contact to Hospital for detail procedure and action needed for testing, whether you can donate StemCell for her or not.

Do spread this message out to anyone, everyone around you. Let’s pray for Jane Speed Recovery.

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