Branding Experience able to increase sales in smaller shop purchases compare bigger online product

Branding Experience able to increase sales in smaller shop purchases compare bigger online product
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Online shop is everywhere now. There are plenty of Online Shop in the net, they sell small item to extremely big item such like house or building. Online retailer sites such as,,, and had conquered online retail market.
Everything can be done by make payment through interbank transfer, paypal or credit card payment. Some of the site even offers instalment plan for big purchase, that’s really helps to boost their business, especially when economy downside.
SapientNitro did a survey and result tells lot of information regards customer preference, branding experiences, nature of purchase and product experience. Let’s ask you few questions before we proceed to the result evaluation.
1. You prefer to purchase at shop or online?
2. How many of you loves to do online price comparison?
3. You prefer to make a big or small online purchase?
4. How you make your payment, cash, credit card or instalment?
I prefer to do purchase at shop, where I can personally feels the product before making the payment. I still will do price comparison by phone call shop to shop before proceed to the shortlisted shop. Payment by cash will be great, payment with credit card together with the rewards point is definitely a cool idea.
Let’s go back to SapientNitro studies result. Based on their survey result, mostly small purchase happens at online shop. Customer still prefer to make big purchase at the shop. Survey also tells us that customer likes todo price comparison, product review from 3rd parties before make purchase. And mostly all the purchases done based on brand experience or past product experience, which means branding is utmost important factor in customers’ decision. Social media plays very small roles in affecting customer decision.
After reading the survey result, what you’d learned?
Yes, Branding, please build up your own brand, as most customer purchase based on brand. Beside branding, please also take care of the product quality. Together it will be total branding experience. Branding experience is the future trend of retail business, not the price war.
You can see the studies result at here

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