Camera Review: Casio ZR3500 – Snap photo and share is too easy

Casio ZR3500 Camera Review

Breakfast with Casio ZR3500, Phuket – Thailand

Everybody loves to have a good camera to bring along in any trip, to record every split second of life, of fun. Yet, which one to choose for? There are so many brands and models in the market. I pick Casio ZR3500 for review this time.

Why I pick it? Mainly due to it weight is lighter, approx 2548g. Of course it main feature as below also one of the main reason I like it.

Main Feature of the camera:

Casio ZR3500 Camera Review

Taken from Casio website

12.1 Megapixels with 12x optical zoom and 25mm wide0angle lens, you can cover almost everything in front, and zoom in for better composition. With the 3″ LCD screen, you can easily double check on your images.

Casio ZR3500 Camera Review

Taken from Casio website

With the front shutter button, it make selfie, wefie much more easier now. no more complaint about your finger can’t reach to normal shutter button. Moreover, Casio ZR3500 also have the motion shutter, just wave your hand to camera and it will count down and snap your photo.

I like this function with the new shutter button, I just feel so easy whenever I wanted to have a selfie or wefie with brunch of friends.

Casio ZR3500 Camera Review

Taken from Casio Website

Now, this model has the Wireless LAN Function which make sharing photo instantly is much more easy and simple. All you need is CASIO EXILIM app in your smart phone (IOS or Android), photos will share to phone directly after pairing.

Think about it, you saw a beautiful scenery in front, use Casio ZR3500 captured it, then by wireless sharing to your smart phone, directly can share with Facebook or Instagram. Fantastic, right?

Stay Tuned for more about Casio ZR3500 from us. In next post, we will discover their build in application which can make your photo taking experience more colourful and fun.


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