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Random Dessert 随意甜品 @ S2S FoodCourt

Random Dessert

In Malaysia, Chinese foodcourt used to be a crowded place where everyone come here for Breakfast, Lunch or even Dinner. They will serve all kinds of foods, range from Oriental to Western Food. Some foodcourt will have Indian Stall and some will have Malay Stall who serve Halal Food. With everything, that’s the Malaysia style of Foodcourt.

Recently we found a special dedicated Dessert Stall, Random Dessert at S2S FoodCourt at Seremban 2. We will consider it as Dessert Corner in the FoodCourt.

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Beauty in The Pot now at The Gardens Mall

Beauty in The Pot @ The Gardens Mall

Beauty in The Pot @ The Gardens Mall will be opening the door to the public on 8th Nov (Friday) for our soft opening. Mark down your calendar. We’ll see you soon!

美滋锅 @ The Gardens Mall分店即将在11月8日(五)漂亮登场!我们到时见!

Beauty in The Pot is a renowned steamboat restaurant located at Genting Highland all these while, and now they’re opening the new outlet at The Garden Mall. This is a very good news to those Steamboat lover. They’re famous with their special broth, which contains collagen, which is good for all beautiful ladies, that’s why the name “Beauty in The Pot”.

Our location:
Lot T-201B, 3rd Floor, The Gardens Mall

Business hours during soft opening:

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