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WizikGo, a helpful companion Work, Sing, Play

WizikGo, a helpful companion Work, Sing, Play

Have you ever imagine that a device can let you do your work, enjoys your music or even sing your favourite song out-loud.

WizikGo, a helpful partner for Work, Sing, Play with just one device which come together all the function that you need, either in work or leisure. It sounds great, is solid, stands straight, can be extended to 60cm and can be worn on shoulders, can be hooked anywhere you wanted to.

WizikGo have high frequency acoustic sound and deeper bass and improving the sound quality, gives a greater movie, gaming and music sound experience. It supports multiple connectivity, where  you can sync few units together. It is the great companion for Meeting, Conference and friend gathering.

The professional wireless microphone comes with 3 modes, normal mode, Reverb and Echo.

WIZIKGO Specification:


Model: DT666
Size: D110mm x H132mm
Extended length: 60cm

Freq: 100 Hz – 18KHz
Speaker: 53mm, 4Ω, 8W x 2
Power: 7.5W x 2 (RMS)
Maximum lifting weight : ≤ 1%
Noise ratio: ≥65dB
Battery: 5,200 mAh
Input: 5V-2.0A
Bluetooth: Ultra Low Power 4.2


Size: D76mm x H150mm
Freq.range: 70Hz – 15kHz
FM range: 15 meters
Battery: 1,000 mAh
Input: 5V-500mA

Grand Seiko & Seiko RoadShow 2020 at Mid Valley MegaMall

Grand Seiko & Seiko RoadShow 2020 at Mid Valley MegaMall

It was a momentous commemoration for Grand Seiko as the legendary high-end horology brand pays tribute to its diamond jubilee this year with the unveiling of limited-edition models and all-new movements at the Grand Seiko and SEIKO highlight event in Mid Valley Megamall. SEIKO’s esteemed diver series also celebrates its 55th anniversary since its first creation in Japan.

Event: Grand Seiko & Seiko RoadShow 2020
Date: 28 Sep until 4 Oct 2020
Venue: Mid Valley (Ground Floor at Centre Court) Continue reading

Taylors Confessions: #TCP23556 3K pocket money not enough

Taylors Confessions: #TCP23556 3K pocket money not enough

How much allowance you guys get from your parents. I heard my friend his monthly allowance is 700, and I am…

Posted by Taylors Confessions on Tuesday, 8 September 2020

A topic that rise a lot of discussion and debates, some say why RM3000 not enough and some say is too much. The issue isn’t on how much the student’d spent or how much his parent allows him to spend, is matter how many of you, and you out there don’t even can draws RM 3000 monthly wages.

How much is OK for you? RM300 monthly or RM1000 monthly?

I have a college-mate who have RM600 monthly and he only spend RM50 weekly in order can bring his girlfriend for movies and dinner. Crazy right?

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Hey! I Am Yogost Seremban 2 Uptown Avenue Grand Opening on 19 Sep 2020

I Am Yogost Seremban Uptown 我是酸奶君

If you’re a Yogurt drink lover, now Hey! I Am Yogost Seremban 2 Uptown Avenue Grand Opening on 19 Sep 2020. I Am Yogost 我是酸奶君 providing the best yogurt / grain yogurt / fruit yogurt / First Yogurt Mock-tail in Malaysia. Fresh and healthy drink.

HEY! I Am Yogost 我是酸奶君 making the best yogurt drinks and are freshly made to support a healthy diet rich in nutrients. Brand originates from New Zealand and it has several outlets across the world including countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, United States, Shanghai, and now in Malaysia.

During 19-9-2020 until 21-9-2020, you can enjoys the Buy 1 Free 1 promotion. Don’t miss it.

Hey! I Am Yogost Seremban 2 Uptown Avenue

Hey! I Am Yogost Seremban 2 Uptown Avenue Facebook Page – Click Here

299, Jalan S2 B13,
Seremban 2,
70300 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan

Map to Hey! I Am Yogost Seremban 2 Uptown Avenue


Our story began after inadvertently mixing milk into a cup of yogurt. After tasting it, we discovered a new taste that was surprisingly refreshing and hence, the idea for a new drink was born! Since then, we have begun an adventure in search of the best yogurt drink in the world! We have diligently experimented with hundreds of options – from the selection of yogurt, milk, fresh ingredients, to the taste and ratio balance to produce some of our top-selling drinks today! To date, we are still on this mission of constantly refining and developing our recipes to keep the drinks up to another level of excellence. Fresh everyday, that is our motive and our promise for our valued customers.

Life: How to become a MEDIA in few steps

Alan Lim Quotes, alquotes

In the era of self-media, everyone can be a media. Everyone call themselves as media just because they started to write some words on the website, social media, or twitter. How to become a media in the proper way?

Is not easy to become media now a day, it need some efforts which is extra ordinary from main stream media or professional media. I been observing the industry and found there are few steps which can speed up, boost your media business.

Let’s see how you can become a media as simple as 1, 2, 3… Continue reading