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RM 1 can GET Anything in

RM 1 can GET Anything in

RM 1 Get Everything in

RM 1 can Get Anything in, do you believe it? I don’t believe it until I sign up, I tried and I won.

Is very easy to join it, just goto, sign in with my referral ID: 201906210004 to earn more gem.

RM 1 can GET Anything in

Truly agree on “Get Your Happiness at GetLah, RM 1 to get item you wanted, not a good deal? soft launch on last Friday and it can be sign up at their website or their own apps at Google Play.

Download the Get Lah Apps

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Apple announce EndGames for iTunes

After 18 years of services, Apple announce to shut down iTunes Service soon. iTunes launched at 2001 and later it combine with the iTunes Store enable user to purchase and own the music digitally which brings a total new way of Music industry.

However, technology advancing daily is a super fast mode, now we can own the music by many ways. Apple introduce Apple Music in 2015 which really gave a big impact to iTunes, where leads to result today. Continue reading