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Sulli, Actress, Singer and K-pop Star found death at own Apartment

Sulli, Actor, Singer and K-pop Star found death at own Apartment

Sulli (崔真理,최진리) found death at her own apartment by her Manager today. Another young Korean Actress commit suicide this year. She is just 25 year old this year, she is still so young.

Sulli was a South Korean singer, songwriter, actress and model. Sulli was a member of South Korean girl group f(x), but she left the group in 2015 to focus on her acting career.

Sulli had been suffering from severe depression, sadly that no one able to help her walk out from depression. Her manager went to her house because can’t reach her after last chat with her through phone night before. Police is still undergo investigation and still not found any death notes.

Anyway, hope she is breaking free now, you’re free now, from all the trouble and issues. No one can critic you anymore.

I’m Joker

I'm Joker

I think most of the people know about Joker, if you watch the Batman series, you will know in the series has a bad character name Joker. Joker is some one crazy, done many crazy act against public and against Batman. For me Joker is a 100% bad people, we don’t wish to have such people around us.

But as I continue think about Joker and Batman, I keep on ask question to myself about them. Batman is a hero who always protect people from bad guys. He is rich but he use his wealth to create a lots of stuff to help people. I wish to know what will happens to Batman if all of sudden he turn into poor man, his company bankrupt and all his money just vanish into think air. Will he still move on as people’s hero?

Without the financial support, Batman still is Batman? or BADman?

Maybe I’m thinking too much recently, but the ideas come into my mind during my MSN chatting session with William (my ex-colleague). Maybe to become Batman, first we need financial support, to have all the high tech gadget~

I always think I can become someone great, someone better than now. I used to think big, I got a lots of creative ideas, funny project, and a lot of vision. I wish to can make something out of nothing. At least I think I can do better than now. There are some many obstracle in front of me, and so many thing hold me from continue moving forwards. Sometime when we wish to make something out of something, there are so many constraint which stop me, hold me back, told me that it won’t work no matter how hard I’d tried.

Just because we are not rich, low ranking, the top management will size our efforts. What ever you wish to do which is against their will/direction will be considered as dis-obey action. They stop you from thinking big/far/innovative, they just wish you to become some one like them. They just don’t wish you to be special, they will said “This is for your own good if you follow what I informed”. Actually they afraid that some one notice that you’re special, you can do better. Why we can not shows our talent to others? just because our ranking are low, not rich, no social status, no support from big power, so we need to follow what served in front of us.

Just because of that, it created Joker. The one who do not follow any rules at all. Joker does everything randomly, not follow sequence, and no procedure. Nobody know what is the next step of Joker. Joker being consider as mad man, crazy monster. Joker is bad because he killed people, he make people suffer. But, if Joker does not kills people, do not make anyone suffer, would we consider him as bad guy?

I’m poor (basically not rich), I do things randomly, I do not like to follow fixed rules, I always think crazy ideas which works, So, I consider myself as JOKER instead of Batman. Of course that I don’t kill people, I do not BOOM any building, I’m good friend of Policeman. I’m just a disobedient JOKER.