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Stop Kissing, continue sex with mask, safe from Covid-19

Stop Kissing, continue sex with mask, safe from Covid-19

Avoid kissing and wearing a mask during sex to protect yourself from infected by Covid-19, quoted by Canada’s Chief Medical Officer on Wednesday. Dr. Theresa explained that it is a little chance of catching Covid-19 from semen or vaginal fluid, but sexual activity with new partners does increase the risk of contacting Covid-19 virus, when there is kissing.

The lowest risk sexual activity during COVID-19 involves yourself alone,” she added. Continue reading

Perutusan Khas, kata sokongan daripada Rakyat Malaysia

Malaysian, you are not alone, we fighting Covid-19 together, one team, one soul. Kita sama-sama bersama menghadapi wabak Covid-19, sehati, sejiwa.

Perutusan Khas, kata sokongan daripada Rakyat Malaysia adalah penting utuk semua orang. Kita perlu tolong-menolong satu sama lain pada waktu yang penting sekarang untuk mengatasi wabak covid-19 yang masih berada di Malaysia.

Kita perlu mengamalkan SOP yang ditetapkan oleh Kerajaan Malaysia. Kita mengamalkan SOP bukan supaya tidak disaman atau didenda, kita mengamalkan SOP diatas sebab menjauhi diri daripada jangkitan wabak covid-19. Continue reading

PUBG Season 14 “Spark the Flame” is Finally Released

PUBG Season 14 Spark the Flame is Finally Released ALMedia Review

PUBG Mobile Season 13, which began on May 13, finally came to an END on July 12. With the conclusion of Season 13, fans can enjoys the new release of PUBG Season 14 now, which Tencent did a dedicated update for PUBG Mobile Season 14.

After the release of PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0 (which comes with a new map “Livik”), Tencent revealed its plans for the upcoming Season 14 Royale Pass. The new season started on July 14 at 7:30 AM IST, and just like any other PUBG Mobile Season, fans can enjoys tons of exciting new content/mission inside the Season 14 Royale Pass.

We definitely will have tonnes of fun with the new update and new release, let’s see what we will getting in this new season 14. Continue reading


unrealistic business model



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What is the between LGBT, LGBTQ and Transvestite?

What is the between LGBT, LGBTQ and Transvestite?

What is the between LGBT, LGBTQ and Transvestite?

Before you move into the topic, we need to understand that every single human being on this earth have their own right to do their own thing without creating any trouble to others, or harm to others. As long as they do their own thing which do not directly or indirectly related to you, you and you should not give too much of attention on it, and move on to your own life.

If you’re ok with the topic, you can proceed for further reading. Continue reading