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Positive energy never fears negative energy



“如果我说的是事实,哪怕被千夫所指,我依然觉得没事,因为我是对的“ Continue reading


How Photographer survive jobless during Pandemic Covid-19


那么在没生意,没收入的状况下,大家该如何? Continue reading

Zoom security issues: Is Zoom safe to use? Is our privacy being protected?

Zoom Video has become a top performing stock on the NASDAQ

As the coronavirus pandemic forced billions of people around the world to stay home over the past two months, Online Conference app, Zoom suddenly became the video meeting service of choice among all other app: Daily meeting participants on the platform surged from 10 million in December to 200 million in March, and 300 million daily meeting participants in April. Zoom is so easy to use, even if you have zero knowledge of app or pc, you can join the meeting by click into the Meeting invitation link, as simple as that.

But then rise a quesion, Is Zoom safe to use? Is our privacy being protected?

There are so many reports said that the hacker can actually join the meeting without being invited, and hacker also can take control of your pc webcam.

Zoom continue take action against above mentioned issue and we hope to have a safe chat with friend, even though we do not have any TOP Secret in our conversation, we still hope to keep our privacy of chatting.

Everyone is Digital Marketing Expert Guru during pandemic

Alan Lim, The Malaysia Commercial Photographer

During Covid-19 pandemic, where you can not operate your business like normal way, you need to think alternative way to change business model, to revive your business from sinking. Then you find there are so many advertisement around Facebook telling you that Digital Marketing can help you, and is your last choice in business too. Without Digital Marketing you will be doomed, or doom very soon.

But, how come Wantan Mee Stall can survive without Digital Marketing? Continue reading

World Currency will be worthless if Covid19 pandemic Continues

World Currency will be worthless if Covid19 pandemic Continues

World Currency will be worthless if Covid19 pandemic Continues, yes maybe the title is a bit too harsh. But if the pandemic continues without proper control, everything would be possible.

At 25th April 2020, there are total 5572 people died from Covid19 which accumulate to grand total of 202671, where 2,910,298 infected throughout the period.

I’m not benchmarking on any pandemic movie, but it can be a reference to everyone, to the person who do not obey the rules to stay home, to the person who still ignore all the news and treat this Covid-19 for granted. Please see what happens to the world at these movies, Carriers, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, World War Z and Contagion.

Yes, you’re suffering at the point right now, where we can not goto work, where we can not have the actual income like what we usual does, but if we do not control this pandemic, what is currency? Why you still need money when the world is no longer like the one we used to know, everyone that we cares is no longer around, what left behind is just chaos.

Please, do not take this for granted, not this time when we have 200thousand death and keep increasing each day. Let’s pray for the wisdom to all scientist and doctor, let them have the ideas and knowledge to develop the real vaccine, while until that point, we all keep ourself as safe as we can.