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PUBG Ban in India, 10 arrested for playing PUBG

Games reviews: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, PUBG

PUBG, PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds hit to the market and straight away become favourite games for many, from children to adult spreading to worldwide.

While everyone in the world enjoying the games, there are states in India banned this games from their people. 10 arrested from playing the games reported few days ago. They describe the games as “A demon in the house”. No doubt the games is a first/third person shooting games, where 100players in a games fight till last one standing. Yes, it is similar to Japan Movie Battle Royale.

遊戲分享: 绝地求生:刺激战场, PUBG

So far only India banned the games in few states, and foresee there will be more country takes action on it. People or Parent just don’t want to educate their children thru the violent ways, fully understood.

Let’s see how the things go, stay tuned.

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Celebration Party for Ammetta Malhotra at ROOST Bangsar

Celebration Party for Ammetta Malhotra at ROOST Bangsar

Is never be the best thing to celebrate Own birthday and Winning together with Friends and Family members. Ammetta Malhotra held a small quiet Party (How can it be quiet where all friends gather together, is super noisy).

Venue: Roost, Bangsar
Date: 22 Feb. 2019
Time: 7:00pm onwards

Thanks Ammetta exclusive invitation to this party, I rush over after a all day long Photography with a Big Brands. Continue reading