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OPPO Reno 2 Series Launch

OPPO Reno 2 Series Launch

OPPO, the leading global smartphone brand, today launched the new Reno2 Series in Malaysia at Nexus Connexion . Adding excitement to an already anticipated launch, OPPO has signed Chinese superstar Jam Hsiao and Malaysian celebrity Neelofa as official ambassadors for Reno2 Series. Continue reading

Body Shaming, You Can Be Fined RM50K Or Jailed

Body Shaming, You Can Be Fined RM50K Or Jailed

Body Shaming, You Can Be Fined RM50K Or Jailed. But until which extend is body shaming?

Everyone have different level of understanding, some people have more sensitive feeling, maybe a simple words can create an uneasy feeling. Some simple words like “fatty”, “fat girl”, “fat boy” also will make people feel sad…

Maybe you consider it as normal words, and no harm to anyone, but the listener might think differently. They might feel depress after listen to it, they might commit suicide due to these words which you think it is ok.

Body Shaming, You Can Be Fined RM50K Or Jailed

Body shaming may cause the victim to experience:

– Stress and emotional disturbances,
– Loss of confidence,
– Eating disorders,
– Depression, and
– Suicide.

If a simple words added some other word will be super terrible, such like “Fat die you”, “fat like pig”, “huge like elephant”. Is so cruel to call other person as animals.

If you do not wish to being call as animal or cruel words, please don’t do that to other.

According to Section 233 (1) (b) Communication and Multimedia Act 1998 (Act 588), if found guilty, the offender can be fined no more than RM50,000 or imprisonment for no more than a year, or both.

Now in Malaysia, if anyone say something bad to other, and the person feel bad, they have the right to make a police report, and you can be fined RM 50k or jailed.

Just be nice to everyone, anyone in this world, be peace to everyone.