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RM50 dikreditkan dalam e-wallet dan RM50 kredit tambahan melalui cashback

RM50 dikreditkan dalam e-wallet akhir bulan ini, RM50 secara voucher cashback dari Pihak Swasta

RM50 dikreditkan dalam e-wallet dan RM50 kredit tambahan melalui cashback. Menteri Kewangan Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz hari ini mengatakan kerajaan mengkreditkan RM50 ke dalam akaun e-wallet pengguna mulai bulan ini. RM50 kredit tambahan melalui cashback, ditaja oleh pihak swasta.

Di dalam program ini dijangka memanfaatkan kira-kira 15 juta rakyat Malaysia.

Anda perlu maut turun Mysejahtera Aplikasi dan daftar sebelum Julai.

Anda masih boleh maut turun Mysejahtera Aplikasi dan daftar diri untuk kegunaan harian.

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Master Chef and AL Media take initiative to kick start Food Delivery Station to help Restaurant owner

Master Chef and AL Media take initiative to kick start Food Delivery Station to help Restaurant owner

World is changing rapidly each day, we seeing new things, new ideas pop up everyday. As you can see the world is changing, everyone is changing, business model is changing. Conventional and traditional methods of doing business will be evolve to another better way of doing business.

In this Covid-19 period, Malaysia implemented the Movement Control Orders, MCO from 18 March until 14 April. Everyone is advise to remain at home, stay home. ONLY one person allows to go out for grocery purchase. All shop and business is closed during this period, only essential business is allows to open based on approval. Restaurant and Food provider is allows to open. Continue reading

How to make money? Define Your Business Model

How to make easy money?

How to make easy money?

There are so many kinds of work, profession, and business, which one have the Blue Ocean to swim? Which one is the niche at current stage? The wise mind will know which one is the best to work for, to invest into.

We had discuss about the step one for how to make money easily, you can read it. How to identify how to make money?

You need to understand few things before start to plan on a project or a business.

  1. How many competitor in this related business?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. Who is your buyer?
  4. Who is the person you need to recruit for this business?
  5. Is the market ready for this business?
  6. What is your short term win and long term win?

If you have all answer for all above, you got to evaluate all the answers, for instant, if there are tonnes of competitors in your field of business, you need to double check the market size of the business, if the market is still big, you can proceed to do business plan.

Let’s say, you wish to start a Car Manufacturing Business now, with a total new brand name. As you know we have Japanese Car Manufacturer, China Car Manufacturer, Korea Car Manufacturer, US Car Manufacturer, and European Car Manufacturer. All of them contribute more than 50-100 different brands, and sub brands. You started as a fresh brand name, how to penetrate the market, how to gain buyer confident, how to convince buyer to buy yours brands instead of the trusted brands on the market. When you rate all the discussed points, you will understand that starting a new Car Manufacturing Business is a BIG NO NO. But it is not stopping you to start Car OEM Business, you can become the BIG NAME appointed Manufacturer or Assembler.

You need to study carefully before getting yourself busy with all the Big Plan. Big Plan always blur your vision and make you believe it will works, but it is not.

Make Money always not the difficult part, the important part is making right decision.

Stay Tuned for the Make Money is so easy Part 3.

How to make easy money? Part 1

How to make easy money?

How to make easy money?

Sound like mission impossible to a lot of people. In actual fact it is really easy to make money? How easy to generate an income?

It is easy, you just open your mouth and ask, you might get RM0.50 or RM1.00 from others, that is when you beg. Another easy way to make money is to go all the government office apply for all the funds, eg. BSH, that is when you are poor enough.

But how to make easy money without going through all methods above?

How to make easy money?

When you have higher qualification, such as Degree, Master Degree or Phd, you feel shame to do sales, do ask people for buying something from you, you got something to lose, your pride.

How much cost of your pride?

That is the reason why you will see those with High School knock out, University knock out did better than those holding professional degree. They have nothing to lose, the only thing they can do is working hard for their future, they work all out in every business meeting to make sure close deal.

Remember the KEY to make money easy, DO NOT AFRAID TO ASK, TO SELL.

Client or prospect do not come to you for Super High Knowledge service, they only wish to have a FULL Commitment person to handle their case. You might be lack of knowledge, is ok, try your best to learn and try your best to serve your client. Client will know whether you’re doing it willingly or half hearted.

When you want to do a business, you need to ask yourself, how far the extend you will work for it. If you’re not sure, please hold it, think about it first, do not do it for the sake of doing it.

All the Best, Stay tuned for Part 2. Make MONEY always not difficult.

Weekly Malaysia Petrol Price for RON95 RON97 and Diesel

Weekly Malaysia Petrol Price for RON95 RON97 and Diesel

Malaysia Petrol RON95 RON97 Diesel Price Update

Malaysia petrol price start to have different price every week, every Friday, Government will inform the latest price for next week. That’s something interesting for all the Malaysian, is just like waiting exam result every week.

The latest price had been announced by government, let see what is the price for previous month… Continue reading