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Kuala Lumpur Parking Rate : The FACES Platinum Suites

Malaysia Parking Rate -

The FACES Platinum Suites

In Malaysia, the biggest issue for car owner is getting the right parking with the lowest/reasonable parking rate. Nobody wish to pay more if there is a lower rate nearby. We here to help you check on the parking rate for mall or any private parking around Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur. If you have any information, you are welcome to write to us or share with us in the comment.

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2017 First ID Fair, MAG Interior design Fair @ Diamond City, Semenyih on 5-8 Jan 2017

A Photography Competition for The Eyes of Diamond City

To own a house is one of the ultimate target in our life, to have a decent environment of living needs far more efforts than just purchase a house.

let’s see,

You walk into a show unit gallery, pick a house, done the purchase, put in all furniture and that’s called HOME. (Most of us gone thru this process)

You actually can put in little bit more effort and that’s make your HOME look more interesting and fun.

If you purchase a unit, and you let the ID professional specialist to helps you design the interior that suit best for you, YOUR HOME is something more interesting, and you’ll definitely have more fun living in it. Continue reading