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DJ SODA in Kuala Lumpur

DJ Sode in Kuala Lumpur, dj소다,디제이소다

DJ Soda (dj 소다) in Malaysia, and she is in Kuala Lumpur. She come to Malaysia for Samsung Galaxy A Event. I bet many of you who attended the event have a chance to witness her performance on stage.

Event: Samsung A Galaxy Event
Venue: W Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Date: 11. Oct. 2018
Time: 4:00pm onwards

DJ Soda in Kuala Lumpur, dj소다,디제이소다 Continue reading

If you don’t know about 17 Live Video Stream, you’re out dated…

If you don't know about 17 Live Video Stream, you're out dated...

17 Live Video Stream founded on 2015, which means it been operating for 3 years. Approximate 700K active users daily. That’s is a huge amount.

I always said, Internet make the world become smaller, it linked each individual around the world. Now, even more shorter distance between people. Just login to the app and you’re good to go and watch the live streaming of your favourite broadcasting. Continue reading