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Most Annoying Group Wefie photos you’d ever see

by JinnyBoy TV

Group photo, now a day many of us call it “Wefie” and I call it “Usfie”. When a brunch of friends gather together, we loves to take photos, as memory, as proof of gathering or as for sake of taking photo for Facebook sharing.

When we’re enjoying taking Wefie/Usfie, did you know you might cause some people around you feel uneasy.¬† Continue reading

Apple iPhone SE in Malaysia

Been heard of this superb small iPhone 4inch for one month plus, finally it arrived to Malaysia. Is that great? 4inch always the best optimum size for phone, in my own opinion (at least my wife will agreed with me) Continue reading

Revolution of Watch: TAG HEUER CONNECTED

Revolution of Watch: TAG HEUER CONNECTED

Taken from Tag Heuer Conntected Website

TAG HEUER CONNECTED WATCHES, an alliance between the Swiss watchmaking and the Silicon Valley technologies Intel Inside and Android Wear, is a luxury watch that benefits from over 150 years of Swiss expertise, savoir-faire and heritage as cultivated by TAG Heuer, a watch manufacture based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the cradle of Swiss watchmaking in the middle of Alpine pastures and mountains. Taken from TAG Heuer website

A body of Titanium Grade 2 case, Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal screen, Vulcanized rubber strap with grade 2 titanium folding clasp and safety push-buttons. 410mAh battery, average hours of battery life within normal usage: Min. 25 hours. (Approx. charging time: 1.5 hours). With the memory of 1 GB main – 4 GB storage memory.

Most important is Compatible with Android 4.3+ / iOS 8.2+. Continue reading

You don’t know how to communicate with other without your Smart Device

Communication Break Down without smart phone

Taken from Facebook shared images

Communication, just a simple word, that means a lot different to different person.

What is your idea of “COMMUNICATION”? Continue reading