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Hertz, J.C. Penney, J. Crew, Neiman Marcus, Gold’s Gym, Pier 1 and the McClatchy newspaper chain Files For Bankruptcy

Hertz Files For Bankruptcy

Companies that have all sought bankruptcy protection in recent weeks. Hertz was just another victim of the pandemic, people will say. It’s easy to blame the company’s misfortunes, as well as the other corporate casualties, on the pandemic. The reality is a different story.

Hertz faced tough competition in the car-rental space, and also impact from e-hailing service Uber & Lyft. People preferred to use e-hailing services compare to rent a car and have to drive it themselves in an unfamiliar location. Drive a car by ourself is really a stressful way of travel, I done it, I knew it.

The failures of Hertz and the others have more to do with their own arrogant inertia and inability to recognize the fast-changing trends and a refusal to adapt their business models accordingly. Hertz has lost money for the past four consecutive years, including $58 million in 2019.


Kick Start Youtube Channel for PUBG Mobile Games Sharing


AL Media(凹媒体)看准这一点,觉得如果能把游戏有趣的一面呈现给大家,那该多好啊。凹媒体趁这个机会创立了哈亚斯游戏解说频道,让哈亚斯这个游戏人物带你们看清楚PUBG(中国版本-和平精英),让大家多了解这个游戏和它的精髓。 Continue reading

Kick Start Youtube Channel for PUBG Mobile Games Sharing

Kick Start Youtube Channel for PUBG Mobile Games Sharing

When you play a games, you will play it everyday, many every hour during weekends. You wish to explore every single secret in the games and be the first person to know about it. You enjoys the games to the MAX and nobody can disturb you during the gameplay.

AL Media take this opportunity to Kick Start Youtube Channel for PUBG Mobile Games Sharing. You can subscribe the PUBG Sharing Channel and they will update you timely about the trick and tips of PUBG. Continue reading

PUBG Guide: Where to find vending machine?

PUBG Guide: Where to find vending machine?

PUBG Guide: Where to find vending machine?
In the Season 13, we need to purchase 8 drinks from the vendor machine which you are wondering where to find them in the map, and which map?

  • Vending machines were added to PUBG Mobile after the latest update and is a new feature of Season 13.
  • Vending machines are exclusive to the Miramar map and they spawn randomly on the map.

Vending machines toss out a random amount of Energy Drink items when you “purchase” from them. Just tap the purchase button on the screen when you approach one, and you’ll loot a few drinks from it.

There’s no way to influence the number of drinks a machine spawns, and you can only use each machine once before it goes into a restock mode.

You need to complete the week 2 mission : Use the Vending Machine to purchase items 8 times in Classic mode

You need to hunt down or search for the Vendor Machine. But where is the Vendor Machine?

  1. Vendor Machine ONLY spawn at Miramar Map
  2. ONLY certain location in the map as per below,

PUBG Guide Where to find vending machine?

PUBG Guide Where to find vending machine?

Cara mendaftar MyTrace Malaysia

Cara mendaftar MyTrace Malaysia

Cara mendaftar MyTrace Malaysia di telepon bimbit anda. Sekarang hanya didapat di Android Playstore, iOS AppStore akan datang tidak lama lagi.

MyTrace merupakan aplikasi mudah alih pengesanan kontak (contact tracing) yang dibangunkan oleh Kerajaan Malaysia. Ia menggunakan pendekatan “dorongan masyarakat” (community driven) di mana telefon bimbit pengguna akan saling bertukar maklumat apabila berada dalam jarak tertentu. MyTrace membolehkan identifikasi individu yang pernah ada kontak rapat dengan individu yang telah dijangkiti COVID-19.

Kedua-dua aplikasi MySejahtera dan MyTrace adalah aplikasi yang diguna pakai oleh Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) untuk membantu pengawalan penularan wabak COVID-19. MySejahtera membolehkan pengguna melaksanakan penilaian kesihatan kendiri dan membantu KKM mendapatkan maklumat awal untuk tindakan cepat dan berkesan. Manakala, MyTrace menjadi pelengkap kepada aplikasi MySejahtera untuk membuat pengesanan kontak dan mengenalpasti individu yang pernah ada kontak rapat dengan pesakit yang telah disahkan positif COVID-19.

Aplikasi ini membolehkan telefon bimbit yang berdekatan saling berkongsi beberapa data menggunakan teknologi Bluetooth. Data yang terkumpul akan disimpan dalam bentuk yang hanya boleh diproses oleh pihak KKM. Apabila seseorang pengguna disahkan positif COVID-19, pegawai KKM akan melakukan proses memuat naik data yang terkumpul daripada telefon bimbit pengguna ke satu pangkalan data yang dikawal oleh KKM.

Video untuk Cara daftar MyTrace Malaysia