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Upskirt in Japan and Malaysia

Pervert caught by girl victim for taking Upskirt Videos in Midvalley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

Upskirt is a term which created after some activities created by some people…

Normally, my friends keep on discuss this “Upskirt” was in term of photo which taken by some other people… I do not agree on this kind of thing happened in our society but it happened all the time… And we can’t stop it from happening…

We have the most discussed upskirt incident at Midvalley which we cover in our post previously.
Pervert caught by girl victim for taking Upskirt Videos in Midvalley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

Let’s see what happened 12 years ago, when I at Yokohama Landmark Tower with my colleague.

I went to Yokohama Port with my colleague… As you know, Japanese gals always wear super short skirt… but there are something happened in front of me, and until today I still can’t understand why it can be happened….

My friend and I decided to go to Yokohama Landmark Tower… and we need to take the elevator to go to the entrance of YLT… in front of us, there are 3 student (girls) with short skirt went to the elevator 1st then a guy come in between us and the girl-student… So, that is a long elevator, when we all on the elevator, and it move slowly… something weird (really weird) happened in front of me…

The guy bend down and see the girl student upskirt… in real time… WTF…
I told my friend who never notice this and he also got shocked…

Japan, a modern country with high technology and at the same time, it beneath a lot of social problem…

Where in Malaysia, I’d received an email (forwarded email) from a friend which have a attachment video clip which make me really sick. In the short video shows a familiar supermarket as background and the process of the upskirt activity. I always think that Malaysia is safe from this kind of activities, but now the video… I just can’t understand why people do all these, for what purpose to do this?

So, for the girls/women in malaysia, please be extra careful when someone try to get very near to you.

Easy to be Malaysia Influencer

Easy to be Malaysia Influencer

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Are you Influencer? At this moment, you pick up a stone, throw it, it can hit an influencer, and then it bounce and hit few more influencer. So many influencer? Seemingly yes.

What is an “Influencer”?

An Influencer is a person who has the influence power to affect purchase decisions of another person because of his/her knowledge, status, confident level, position or maybe the relationship with the audience. An influencer can be a master of certain field/market, where their opinion is important to others/audience. Most of the time, influencer will be consider as K.O.L. (Key Opinion Leader) if the influencer is a master for certain product/service. Continue reading