Do and Don’t in Homestay Business, especially in Airbnb

Do and Don't in Homestay Business, especially in Airbnb

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In these few years, Homestay or Short-Term rental had been a trend in South East Asia, especially in Malaysia. Due to the rental price of Homestay significantly lower than Hotel, even lower than Boutique Hotel. It been always address as Rival of Hotel/Boutique Hotel, cause they lost in some share in tourist market. In actual fact, it only affected the boutique hotel, because Homestay or short term rent unit not big different from boutique hotel, some even better than it with lower price. For the renowned Hotel, they still have their own niche in the market.

As a Homestay Operator, or Homestay Owner, there’re some Do and Don’t that need to follow.

Do it Professional Way

When you’re in Homestay Business, no matter you do it in small scale (1-2units) or Big Scale (10-20units), you got to manage it professionally. Homestay is a customer servicing line, and is the first line service, where you deal with the customer directly. Customer Satisfaction is utmost important.

– Be on time for check in and check out.
– Be ready to clear customer’s doubt whenever needed (24hrs advisable)
– Be helpful, as most of your customer is first time to your country
– Be Honest, No lies, No mislead
– Be yourself, customer don’t need pretender

Do not hide away from your guest

In this servicing line, we need to work closely with the customer, attend to customer request timely. Remember, if you turn your back to your customer, they will leave you.

Observation from current Malaysia Homestay activities…

– Homestay that operate by Individual is doing very well, and customer feedback is good. Customer satisfied on their service and always recommend to others after stay in.

– Unfortunately some big scale homestay that operate by Developer or Big Company, they just take this business for granted. They do not attend to customer immediate and sometime leave customer to wait for hours to check in without any notice and info. They don’t understand Homestay services is unlike hotel, homestay is more connecting to people, and is people business.

** Airbnb is a great platform for homestay, use it wisely, it can be a good future for everyone. Happy Hosting, Happy Homestay.

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