Google+ profile will not be your identity in all Google products, start from Youtube

Google+ profile will not be your identity in all Google products, start from Youtube

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Google+ (Sometime mentions by Google Plus) launched on 28 June 2011, 4 years ago. When it being introduce to the market, some people think it might be a threat to Facebook. It can be a threat as all android device system under Google, it should be brighter future than any other apps. The actual case is not as expected, it has a group of people who actually supports Google+, still not strong as competitor.

Google+ linked all Google products under on roof, and same time you need to have a Google+ to use any of them, such like Youtube. Some of the Youtube user unhappy with the link up between Google+ and Youtube on Nov 2013, which need them to register with real name in Google+ to make comment at Youtube. People refuse to drop comment because they don’t want to have Google+ account. Some people create Google+ account when they want to add their business location in Google Map through Google+. Google+ account being created, but it not being used, because everyone being forced to do so to enjoys other products.

After 4 years, on 27 July 2015, Google had announced unlink all Google product with Google+, starts from Youtube. User only need to use Google account to connect all the Google Products. This unlink process with takes place in months to phrase out fully. To those who created Google+ account, you can choose to remain it. Do not remove your Google+ account now as the process of unlink is not carry out fully by Google, if you remove it now, it will leads to remove all your data in Google.

Bradley Horowitz, Google’s vice president of streams, photos, and sharing, said once again, Google+ isn’t gone that way, it will transform to become a platform offering a more focused Google+ Experience.

Good Luck to Google+.

14 thoughts on “Google+ profile will not be your identity in all Google products, start from Youtube

  1. Nicholas Ng

    I have to this this is actually really useful information. Now we know that this is clearer, thats pretty sweet! Thanks loads.

  2. Nicole

    Interesting post here. I’m not a google+ user as mentioned, I just hate to leave a comment using my new name and linked to my personal profile.

  3. achik huda

    i afraid to use google+ because i’m a bit worry my photos in the phone will be automatically share in public..but reading your post I have gained some knowledge about google profile


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