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Grab Driver Do and Don't during you're driving GRAB

How to be Grabcar driver at Klang Valley & Negeri Sembilan?
What is GrabCar? GrabCar gives you the flexibility to drive when you want. Just switch on the Grab app and your private vehicle will be connected to riders who request a ride. It’s a simple and extremely flexible way to boost your income.
Work as a grab driver part time or full time is very common now. More and more people register with me to become GRAB driver. Drive GRAB is the most profitable way to fill up all your free time, instead of spending the time and money to do other stuff.
Grab Driver Do and Don’t when driving GRAB
Even this is the simplest way and flexible way to earn money, yet there are some unwritten rules to follow. How many of you actually faced issues with passenger when you pick up them, fetching them and drop them at the destination? You can share your story at the comment session.


Politic issues always very sensitive, especially now during election periods, you never know which side your passenger supported, you might trigger kinda dangerous topic to chat with. So, please do not talk about politic.
Religion even more sensitive, as some country basically have conflict due to religion matters. So please please please never start any religion topic at all time.
Personal, people dislike other to ask about their personal related topic. Even if they started first, please answer or chat carefully, do not try to dig their secret. Some passenger might report you due to this. Please be extra careful when start about topic related to yourself or them.
Just maintain simple casual chatting will do, that’s the safer way of all.

2. Please ask passenger whether they are ok to use Toll or not?

Sometime some of the way, 100% need toll, some there are alternative way without toll. Anyhow, every time before start journey after pick up your passenger, please ask them, if they are ok for paying the toll. Many of them do not know GRAB fare actually not inclusive toll fees. Get their consensus for paying the toll, and this avoid lot of unnecessary argument.

3. Do not try to get passenger contact?

This is a BIG NO NO for getting passenger contact for later connection. Please do not do this, promise me, you never do this.
Sometime, some passenger might can help you in one another way, in term of business or personal advice. Unless if they’re the person ask for your contact, and they’re the person who start contact you. Please do not ask for their contact, if they feel offended and they will report you to GRAB, and you might be Banned or terminated.

4. Do not try to drop passenger at other location

Do not try or ask passenger whether you can drop them few blocks away, or few shop away, unless they’re the one request you to drop them earlier.
I been listen to some passenger complain to me that some driver intentionally drop them earlier because they wanna pick up the next customer faster. This is also BIG NO NO.
Driving GRABCAR is a experience type of service, when passenger have the good experience with all drivers, they will continue to use GRAB all time, and everyone get benefit from it.
Moreover now have GRAB Pit Stop for GRAB driver at Petronas Station where you can get your free coffee and rest. For more information read this post

Driver Registration

We can help you register as drivers especially if you are driving at  Klang Valley, Negeri Sembilan &  Kota Bharu(Kelantan) .

Pls Whatsapp message to us on +60196606863 (Whatsapp ONLY)

Grab has also launched its operation at Sandakan, Altor Setar, Sungai Petani and Sibu

GrabCar Eligible Cars List

Rejected Cars in GrabCar Economy 
*Smart Tips: If your car model is not listed in this Rejected Cars List, means it is currently accepted in Grab.
For the comprehensive list please check “Eligible Carlist”

Important Notice:
Eligibility Criteria for GrabCar Premium

  • Manufactured in 2012 – 2018 (7 years)
  • Must categorized under D-segment, compact executive, executive or luxury
  • MPV/Sedan with Leather seated only
  • Cars must have at least 4 doors and sit a minimum of 4 passengers
  • Maintain minimum rating of 4.75 star
  • Need to complete 50 trips on Economy first
  • Currently only available in Grab Klang Valley

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