How do I survive in Product Branding Marketing?

How do I survive in Personal Branding Marketing?

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Branding is a big word now a day, when everyone talks about it day in day out. Everyone claims that they’re doing own branding, coaching others for branding and some even said their are branding Guru. Only few person I knew and they’re doing Branding/Images coaching, such as Steve Wee (Brand Yourself), CT Chin (CTCHIN) and Alan Lim ( Branding is something we can’t quantify, value it in dollar cost, it comes together with your personal images, personal attitude and quality of your product/service.

What is Branding?
– Build your own brand, cut thru the marketing noise, and stand out from the competition

Simple as that. But, how todo it? Competition always aggressive, how my brand can cut thru all the noise and reach to the prospect? Will I survive through Branding?

Let’s take a break. Relax, drink a cup of coffee, we will show you how to do it in most easiest way. (It might not be the most effective way, but is the simplest way to start your own branding.

1. Brand Positioning

First step, you need know what is your product/service strength. Then only we can talk about market positioning. DO NOT tell us that the product strength is CHEAP, EASY to use or can discount. Market positioning is not only depends on PRICE. Product strength consist few important elements, such like Quality, Reliability, and Cost. Cost always the last element in the consideration.

Traditional business methods will go study all competitor product and then package own product which can suit the market and cheaper than others. I won’t say it is wrong, but it is the tougher way to do. All you need todo is to study your own product, understand it inside out, tell people about it’s function and benefit to their life/leisure. People want to buy a product that they need it and they can use it. They won’t mind to pay more for the product that fulfil their needs. Make your brand name occupy a important position in the mind of the customer/prospect.

Now, ask yourself, What is your product strength?

2. Target to RIGHT MARKET

You don’t sell books to Monkey, right?

Right Market to cut in is crucial decision.

a) If you’re doing home stay service for tourist, right location is important. The location MUST be near to public transport and tourist attraction.

b) If you’re doing grocery shop, you won’t open it up next to TESCO, AEON or other hypermarket. Strategy location is inside the housing area where the distance far away from any hypermarket.

How to define the right Market? You need to do some location study, do some survey/questionnaires (or hire some survey company todo it). By doing that, you will have a rough ideas of people acceptance on your products. Then only you decide where and when to do the launch.

3. Persistency

Great Branding Positioning, Right Targeted Market won’t helps you in long run business success. Persistency on the good works needed. Do it right at the first time and every time, always remember this. People will repeat to buy from you, if your product/service is good in all time and every time.

Hope you have some basic ideas on branding marketing. Will talks more in deep in next post. Stay Tuned.

23 thoughts on “How do I survive in Product Branding Marketing?

  1. Emily

    Thank you for such an insightful post. I feel that once you have had a grasp of brand marketing, you can apply the concept to many aspects of life. It’s really a skill that we should all have.

  2. Pooja Kawatra

    Interesting topic and would like to know more about product brand marketing. I dont know much about it yet but i believe a lot to learn.

  3. Nicole

    Tell me about it, I’ve been working in Branding as well and it’s all about understanding how the market works! To come out a strategy is a challenge but it always worth the pain, no?

  4. Shivani

    Ah this takes me back to the day when my world evolved around strategic planning. Brand positioning, targeted demographic all came into play back then and hence was essential when pin-pointing what is best for the product in question. Very informative share btw, thanks!

  5. Isaac Tan

    good tips here. i like the phrase do it right the first time and everytime. Take the effort to do a good job, rather than coming back again and again to a messy job.

  6. Leona

    great tips very helpful for those wanting to start their biz. it’s not easy now, just saw 2 biz in my family close down due to not enough research on branding.

    1. admin Post author

      Ivy, FOOD Malaysia did a very good job in branding. Maybe is time to let other people start carry your brand, such like Season Greeting Card or T-Shirt.


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