How many time in life you’d wasted to find parking in Malaysia?

How many time in life you'd wasted to find parking in Malaysia?

Do you know that?
Average time that a Malaysiam spends each time looking for a parking spot is about 20-30 minutes? That’s 10 days a year.

There are more issues that a Malaysian can face in searching of parking, getting a parking. How many have you experienced?

1 Forgetting where you parked

Almost everyday occurrence, it doesn’t help that all carpark floor look so much the same to each level. Yes, to take a picture helps in some time, but some people is very bad in direction, still won’t help much. Some person memorise the nearest shop or entrance to mall, but most of the time forgot when searching way back.

2 Losing your parking ticket

Imagine that you’re rushing for your next appointment, wish to get out of the place you’re currently stuck in as fast as you could, but when you get into your car only realising that your parking ticket can not been found. After searching here and there for it to no avail, you then force to  search for the carpark office (and always the location is so difficult to be locate), likely filled the form, paid the fine, getting your replacement ticket, and finally heading back to the car. It’s not an event you’d want to fit into your day.

And Lost Ticket fine is something that you don’t wish to see too, sometime is about 10times or 20times more than the actual parking rate that you should pay.

3 Arriving in a hot mess

Everyone dreams of finding a parking spot right in front of our intended venue every single time. Unfortunately, that’s one dream that won’t come true. The reality in urban Malaysia is, any parking spot will suffice as long as it is not as far from the venue as your house is. So for half the time, we end up walking quite a bit in the sweltering sun, and arriving at our appointment hot and sweaty. Some time you might park really really far away from the venue.

4 Rushing for the 15-minute window

15 minutes can feel like a very long time – until you’re waiting to exit the carpark without paying a ringgit. It’s more painful when there is a long line at the parking exit that causes you to break that 15-minute limit. Sometime, you might paid and then notice you can’t locate the car in parking, 15minutes suddenly become so short.

Parking is such a hassle to Malaysians, that lot of car owners are currently considering not owning a car anymore, and if the parking situation does not improve, that number quickly goes up.

It doesn’t help when Malaysians are forced to spend a chunk of their time stuck in traffic, an average of 60-90 minutes per day to be exact, unable to do anything but keep their eyes on the road.

However, that can all change if Malaysians start adopting the use of E-hailing Service such as Uber (but it is no longer available is ASEAN), Grab and other upcoming e-hailing company. Of course beside e-hailing service, still can opt for carpool to work, and back.

If the infrastructure of Malaysia had been improved, I’m sure will be lesser car on the road, same time lesser issues in parking, everyone will be more happy.

Let’s finger cross for better future, better Malaysia.

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