How to make Dalgona Coffee at home

How to make Dalgona Coffee at home

When you’re at home, and you wish to have something special, something cool, and you wish to have coffee so badly. You can try to make the famous Korea Dalgona Coffee at home. Especially at this lockdown period, drive out to buy coffee, such as Coffee Latte, Flat White or Americano is very risky. Why not, try to make this by yourself?

What is Dalgona Coffee?

A creamy, four-ingredient coffee known as Dalgona in South Korea. A milk-based beverage topped with a big dollop of soft, foamy whipped coffee. The recipe calls for a 1:1:1 ratio of coffee, sugar and hot water, whipped either with a mixer or by hand until it become foamy then poured over milk.

It started from Korea, and now is a trendy when everyone lockdown at home. It is simple, and it is good try for coffee lover.

We tried to make one this afternoon, and result turns out great. Let’s have fun at home.

How to make the Famous Korea Dalgona Coffee at home.

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