If you don’t know about 17 Live Video Stream, you’re out dated…

If you don't know about 17 Live Video Stream, you're out dated...

17 Live Video Stream founded on 2015, which means it been operating for 3 years. Approximate 700K active users daily. That’s is a huge amount.

I always said, Internet make the world become smaller, it linked each individual around the world. Now, even more shorter distance between people. Just login to the app and you’re good to go and watch the live streaming of your favourite broadcasting.

How to do it?

If you don't know about 17 Live Video Stream, you're out dated...

In mobile:
First you need to install the 17 apps at Play Store or App Store.

Play Store

App Store

In Desktop Mode:
Just surf to this link, and you’re ready to go.

I personally think this apps is just another way of connecting people, or stranger which more likely similar to Facebook Live, Youtube Live or Snapchat but in more advance ways and more direct interaction.

Let’s pick few broadcasting which is good to follows…

1. 盈盈兒

2. 鑫爷 Pariz

3. ほのたろ_d25

4. 咪妹妹 Mia

5. 洋洋

6. 珈菲寶貝 Garfield

There many more others Broadcasting to follow, feel free to explore more.

Let’s share about your ideas or comment on this apps at here. OR you’re one of the broadcasting? Please tell us more…

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