Instagram Husband should loves Instagram wife, and maybe Instagram daughter or Instagram Son

Instagram Husband should loves Instagram wife, and maybe Instagram daughter or Instagram Son

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“Instagram Husband” – I think it should be added into dictionary, and this noun means a lot, it covers job/responsible as “Photographer”, “Stylist”, “Light assistant”, “Supporter” and “Photo retoucher”.

Maybe it will be a career opportunity soon. Instagram Husband rental might appears anytime soon, as you can actually rent a temporary girlfriend in Tokyo, why not for Instagram Husband. All you need is a “Human Selfie Stick” that can talk, can laugh, and follow orders.

“Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me…and a brick wall.” Said by Jeff, one of the Husband in the video.

When we always heard, behind every successful man, there is a wise wife. Statement above is a total breakthrough. People might think being a Instagram Husband is a tough job, some might consider it as disaster. I’d watch this video more than 10times within this week, and I have my own opinion on the Instagram husband and wife.

Let’s see, an Instagram husband, is a person that wife picked to share every single moment of her with you. Think about it, as a employed earner, how many times actually both of you stay together in a day or in a week? 5hours/day or 35hours/week (exclude sleeping time)

Within the 5hours, how many hours actually spend in chit chat, play together? I do always see couple, no matter young couple or old couple, they just sit together, reading their own book, drink their own coffee, eat their own meal, TOTALLY Silent, QUIET.

When you spend your 1/2 day in work, 1/3 for sleeping, you basically left 4hours to be with family, your spouse. While she spend 100% in the family, take care you and your children (dedicated to housewife). If your wife is a Working Lady, she basically left 4hours per day to spend with you.

If you can be her photographer, Instagram husband, you actually sharing the same time with her, live in the same dimension, same moment together.

created by comedy group The Mystery Hour

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