Kuala Lumpur Parking Rate : Parkson Maju Junction Mall

Kuala Lumpur Parking Rate : Maju Junction Mall
In Malaysia, the biggest issue for car owner is getting the right parking with the lowest/reasonable parking rate. Nobody wish to pay more if there is a lower rate nearby. We here to help you check on the parking rate for mall or any private parking around Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur. If you have any information, you are welcome to write to us or share with us in the comment.

Parkson Maju Junction Mall,

Parkson Maju Junction Mall Parking Rate:

Location : Parkson Maju Junction Mall
Operation Hours: 24 hours
System : Auto Pay System
GST : Inclusive
Rates :

Monday to Friday Entry (07:00am to 19:00pm)
First hour or Part Thereof RM3.00
subsequent hour or Part Thereof RM2.00

Monday to Friday Entry (19:00pm to 07:00am)
Flat rate : RM5.00

Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday
Flat rate : RM5.00

Lost Ticket : RM50.00

Motorcyclist Parking
Flat rate : RM2.00

Lost Ticket: RM30.00

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