List of the family activities at home, during lockdown

List of the family activities at home, during lockdown
You are avoid to go outside and wandering around the town, you are advise to stay home, to stay away from contacting any stranger outside the house, this action is to break the infection chain of Covid-19. You would like to plan some activity in house, for yourself and for your children. For children they can actually goto List of Online Children Learning Site to do learning even at home.
There are lot of activities that we can play or enjoys during the lockdown at home with families and friend (for those stay in Hostel or shared house, not friend gathering). You still able to enjoys your time at home, with these games.
List of the family activities/games at home, during lockdown.

Craft Activity with Children at Home

List of the family activities at home, during lockdown

Play UNO Card with family

Play UNO card at home during lockdown

Play Monopoly Boardgames with family

Play Monopoly boardgames with family

Play Risk Boardgames with family

Play Risk Boardgames with family

Play Happy Family at home

Play Happy Family at home

Play Bingo at home

Play Bingo at home
Beside games above there are more games which you can play with your kids at home, you can actually having fun and games with them.

Fun Learning Activities for Kids You Can Do at Home

  1. Play Learning Games
  2. Learn Phonics Basics
  3. Practice Writing
  4. Identify Colors
  5. Develop Counting Skills
  6. Teach Math
  7. Enrich Their Minds With Music
  8. Try Science Experiments at Home
  9. Plant a Garden
  10. Create a Website
  11. Explore World Cultures

At this critical moment, all we need todo is stay home, and make sure our kids are safe from the virus or any other threats.
Stay Calm, Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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