List of the thing Malaysian is doing during Movement Control Order MCO, Quarantine Period

List of the thing Malaysian is doing during Movement Control Order MCO, Quarantine Period
Movement Control Order started few days ago on 18th March 2020, today is the fifth day. Many people start to complain about boredom, about “Nothing todo” at home, and about financial issue. Most of the people complain can not manage to buy mask. No matter how much you complain you had made, the condition remain same, MCO for the rest of 9days. Just accept it.
Same time, there are few phenomenon happens during these few days, do you notice them?
List of the thing Malaysian is doing during Movement Control Order MCO, Quarantine Period.

LIVE Show in Facebook

Everyone have something to say, to talk, to comment about “anything”. Previously only KOL, Youtuber, or celebrities will do Facebook LIVE because they have product to recommend, to review. Now, normal people (your friends, your colleagues, your neighbour, any stranger) start Facebook Live to talk with anyone who dropped comment. Even our Prime Minister doing LIVE SHOW on TV too.
Their topics,

  1. Business Related
  2. Financial Related
  3. Relationship Related
  4. Personal Protection Related
  5. Love relationship Related
  6. Plain Gossip (Just to Kill time)

LIVE Cooking Show in Facebook

AirAsia have a tagline “Now everyone can fly“, during MCO there is another tagline “Now everyone can cook“. Cooking class for free is everywhere in Facebook now, start from the range of cake or western recipe. I think after the 14days MCO, everyone really can cook.

LIVE Singing Show in Facebook

A VVIP Concert Ticket to any famous singer in the world range about usd200 to usd1000. Now you can attend any concert on Facebook LIVE. So many self learn, Self taught, bathroom singer for you to choose.

Facebook LIVE Exercise Instructor

Out of so many other Facebook LIVE Show, I think this is the best one. Imagine, 14days Eat, Sleep, Eat, Sleep, without proper exercise, you will be FatBoy, FatGirl.

Selfie Specialist

Selfie with mask on is a trendy selfie in Facebook. Is good to raise public awareness and also as reminder to public the importance of MASK.

Food Specialist

After mass stock up activities for past few days, now is time to arrange all the foods and drinks. People started to have another issue of choosing which one to eat now, make decision always the difficult part of life. At this time, learn about your cans food and recipe of combining them into a dinner menu.
Last but not least,

Family Bonding Precious Time

24.7.365 you’re busy with your work, with your business, how much time have you spare for the kids in a year? This 14days is the best time to do Family Bonding, no matter how much headache you have about financial, about work, about salary, you can not do anything about all the issues now, but you can spend your time with you kids, treasure it.
List of the thing Malaysian is doing during Movement Control Order MCO, Quarantine Period

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