Movie review by Alan Lim: Dancing Queen, 댄싱퀸 – 2012 Film

Movie review by Alan Lim: Dancing Queen, 댄싱퀸 - 2012 Film

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Dancing Queen (댄싱퀸), 2012 Korean film, about love, family and career. Both of the main actress and actor use their real name in the movie, of course the movie is not their real life story.

Uhm Jung-hwa (엄정화, 嚴正化) who dream to become “dancing singer” when she is young, but give up this dream after married to her husband, Hwang Jung-min (황정민), a incompetent lawyer who always worry about paying house rental.

Story begin with a simple love story between Uhm and Hwang, then they got married, have their daughter, and live a normal life at Seoul. Hwang as a local lawyer who could not draws any extra money to cover family expenses, where Uhm have to teach the gym and aerobic class to support the family. Everything change when Uhm went for a singing audition and Hwang accidentally save a drunk man live at railway. Uhm working towards to her dream as “Dancing Singer”, same time Hwang start to being notice by everyone, even run for the Seoul Mayor.

Of course there arise lot of issue in between. How public can accept that their Mayor candidate has a “Party Girl” as wife? Couple explode a fight, Hwang demand Uhm to give up her dream and stay quiet at home to enjoys the life he gonna provide later.

Uhm said back:” why you can have your dream and work for it, why I have to sacrifice mine for you and stay at home?”

I would not continue to tell you more about the storyline, please grab a copy of this Movie and watch it with your family.


As a family, every single soul in family, is not belong to anyone, they’re individual independent soul. We stay together and work together, that’s call “family”. Holding hand, love each other, instead of controlling them.

As a family, we should support family member’s dream. Give them your supports, your advice if any, not to stop them, because we have nothing todo with their life and dream, all we need todo is giving our endless support.

As a family, we do ready to sacrifice our time for certain condition, situation. Because we need to do what we need todo, before we can do what we want to do. But, if the time and opportunity really arrived, do grab it, don’t let it go, as it might just come once.

Hope this movie brings awareness to you, love your family, gives them supports.

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