Movie review by Alan Lim: The Pursuit of Happyness

Movie review by Alan Lim: The Pursuit of Happyness
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2006 Will Smith‘s Movie based on Chris Gardner‘s story, which struggle homeless for nearly one year. Co-star is Smith’s son, Jaden Smith act as his son in this movie. Father and Son work together for the first time. Before this movie, they did work together in Men in Black II, but Jaden only appeared as Cameo. This round, they work side by side in the whole movie.

Will Smith as Chris Gardner in the movie, is a salesman that draw insufficient fund for the household expenses. End up his wife depart and goto New York, left behind Chris and their son. Chris got an internship for 6 months without salary in a broker firm. There are 20 intern together with Chris and who ever draw the most sales get the job.

In the other hand, Chris got only 22 dollar in his wallet and being chase out by his landlord, forced him and his son to be homeless. They being stay in the toilet, homeless shelter day by day, counting their balance money. Anyhow, Chris doesn’t give up, he continue to work hard, and in one occasion, he come to know a person that able to help him, and he finally closed a lot of the sales in that particular company. Of course, Chris got the job and his life changed from that point.

I would not talk much on the movie detail, you should be the one to grab the movie and watch it.


In our life, there always good time and bad time. When there is Best time, bad time is not far from us. Anyhow, do not run away, do not give up. When life closed a door, there always another door being opened for you. Stay firm, and continue moving forward, trust yourself, success is just another corner.

We can learn from Chris, that do not complaint, do not explain to anyone about your issue, they would not listen, or help you. Just gather ourself together, think, think how to breakthrough, how to find the way out.

Life is always tough, and sometime is tougher than Chris’s life. Believe it, if you do not give up, continue work hard, you will be just ok.

The real Chris Gardner favourite sentence is “If Chris Gardner can do it, so can you.”

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