Movie Reviews: Golden Job 黄金兄弟

Golden Job alifebe

Golden Job 黄金兄弟, a Hong Kong Movie which re-unite the main cast of “Young & Dangerous” (古惑仔) to take part as Main Character. It been up in the cinema for quite some ago, and I didn’t manage to watch it until today.

Honestly speaking, as a movie, I consider it been shooting in very well manner, sound effect, explosion effect, and all the car chasing stunts. Well done to everyone, especially to all five main actors (they isn’t young anymore, but maybe still dangerous).

I do not really can accept the story and plot. There are five buddies, who play as one, work as one team, and they even being raise up by same god-father. Suppose they’re the best friend, best buddies, sibling who depends on each other, and trust each other. Bill (bad guy) betrayed the other 4 person, and took away a great amount of GOLD (maybe this is why this movie called Golden Job), and caused Ekin being caught and Jailed.

I believe that Bill do not have the intention to kill the rest, yet every time there are his people shooting Ekin and others. He have no intention to kill them, but he got his god-father being killed by his body guard. Same time, Ekin and the rest being ambush by his people at the Car Expo. Why?

Bill keep on saying he took all the gold for everyone, but he never ever offer the gold to them. Wonder the writer to the script, what are you thinking all the while?

Story never explain why Bill took the gold, only show he with his mountain of gold at a Island bought by him, guarded with Heavy Army. Why? Not doing business, just sitting in the room and watching CCTV?

The best part is, Ekin and 3brothers are super hero or Avenger, 4 versus hundred military trained guard, they killed them all (they’re stronger than Captain America Or IronMan).

At the end, Bad guy bill died, That’s all.

If this movie without the track record of the five actor in Young & Dangerous, most properly is just another bad movie of the year.

You can try to watch it, and it totally not related to Young & Dangerous.

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