Mystery Of Ringgit Malaysia RM1 sign Aishah

Mystery Of Ringgit Malaysia RM1 sign Aishah  & gabenor bank negara malaysia

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A piece of RM1 (One Ringgit Malaysia) can easy cause Numismatic Collector to pay RM1000 to RM2000 for own it. Some say there is a mystery story behind it, some say it is belong to royal family use. What is so special about this cash notes?

Inspired by this post, and I started to google about this special notes. Why everyone talks about this, why my friend also ask me about her RM10 with “Aishah” signature on it.

There isn’t any mystery or unanswered phenomenon in this world. This CASH notes signed by the 6th Governor Tan Sri Ali Abdul Hassan during the transition period with Tan Seri Zeti Akhtar Aziz. This notes suppose to be release with the New Governor Bank Negara Malaysia, Tan Seri Zeti Akhtar Aziz. BNM Penang mistakenly release 50,000 of them to the market, the rest being destroyed.

Prefix of the released notes is CR 720 – CR 724 which means as below,
CR 720 0001 – 720 9999
CR 721 0001 – 721 9999
CR 722 0001 – 722 9999
CR 723 0001 – 723 9999
CR 724 0001 – 724 9999 (last group)

Numismatic Collector been look and search around for these notes, and that’s why it’s value no longer RM1, some already gone up to RM1000 per piece. Surprise, right?

Some other notes that signed by Tan Sri Ali Abdul Hassan also being a collectible item, such as RM50, RM100, RM2, RM10,RM5
** Some of these notes can sell up to RM1800, the other selling price in between RM15 to RM900.

I’m not a typical Coin or banknote collector, I do collect some oversea coin, such as United Kingdom sterling, 1 pound with 12 different design on the coin, Some Japan, Korea and China new release banknotes. I appreciate the printing work on banknote, the uniqueness, the details of everything on it. I definitely will look at every piece of RM1 I receive after this, see when I have my luck to see it.

** Coins or banknote Collector can get more details at Lunaticg

30 thoughts on “Mystery Of Ringgit Malaysia RM1 sign Aishah

  1. Michael Yip

    Not surprising how much can be made from or discontinued ones. I used to collect all RM5 note that has a cross on the Palace instead of flag poles. Those can garner a lot of $$ cause it’s getting rare.

  2. Shivani

    Nice share dear, it is very informative. Interesting to know about the old bank notes too, the greater value on them is becoming increasingly in demand due to them being rare as well.

  3. Sebrinah Yeo

    Wah, I am in that kiasu state-of-mind to go and hunt down all da note i have and see if got any of these signatures/serial no. u mentioned… Mana tau got nasib lolx! Thx for sharing, now i know why some of my friends & family ask if I see any notes with Aishah’s signature must keep! Lolx

  4. Angelynn

    This is interesting. I used to think that old notes are worth so much simple because, well, they’re old. Huh, I guess we do learn something new everyday. Thanks for sharing!


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