ONFM《澌人密语》VJ Lizz discussion on friendship topic “女观众不需要朋友?”

This happens on April 2016, bet lot of you listen or watch this part of the program by ONFM VJ Lizz. Is a simple topic on friendship yet become quarrel between the VJ and the call in audience. Let’s listen to the video and we discuss later.

The dialogue between VJ and Caller.

From here we can see, the caller have own idea/perception towards friendship, she think friend is not that important, she is not wrong in her own ways. As a VJ should try to brings the correct ideas of friendship but not to change her thought. VJ should not tell her directly, “You’re sick”, “Your mother also might sick”. Is their own decision to choose to stay alone, and in world, everyone can have their own preference and priority.

As I always say, there is no definite right or wrong for every case, especially in term of friendship. With many friend or without any friend make no different in life. We should enjoys our life at most.

The next video we can hear that the same caller call in again and VJ Lizz apologise, Caller accepted it.

Some people said this is a strategy of ONFM, some people dislike the VJ because of this incident, some even put down very harsh comment (keyboard warriors).

You can see these two guys comment about it.

and this

There is not right or wrong for both parties, neither VJ Lizz and Caller. Just different in term of perception.

This case consider closed. I blog it to remind everyone who involved in Social Media, or Media work, we should not have too much own opinion in our comments, because public is looking, listening and watching our programs, our blogs. Do it wisely.

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We hope the caller can have a happy life, enjoys our precious life the utmost important part why we’re here.

Have a Nice Day everyone.

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