Spider can be Spiderman, Spider-woman or Everything

Spider can be Spiderman, Spider-woman or Spider New Trend
Spider can be Spiderman, Spider-woman or Spider New Trend in Malaysia, or some say the WORLD. No matter on earth or other space, Spider will be arriving to Malaysia soon, very soon.
What is Spider all about?

You may ask,
Q: Spider means SpiderMan?
A: Maybe yes, Maybe no
Q: Spider is a car?
A: Errr… Maybe right, Maybe wrong
Q: Spider is a girl?
A: Hope you’re right, yet maybe wrong.
Q: Arh, what is Spider all about?
A: It is SPIDER. Stay tuned.
Spider is a magic words for a brand, whether the brand is involve in any sector, it surely a hits for Malaysian. We hope to know more about it, and let’s stay tuned for their new announcement.
Last Question: Can we eat this Spider?
Answer: ….

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