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Chilla Cha from Malaysia Won the 《妈妈咪呀6》Champion

Chilla Cha from Malaysia Won the 《妈妈咪呀6》Champion

Chilla Cha, a ordinary wife for hubby and mommy for children with a beautiful voice which can sing very very well and won more than 50 singing contest. She also the Pageant Queen for Mrs Asia International All Nation 2017 and Mrs Malaysia Asia International 2017. She also a singing coach for many people, including Astro show. Continue reading

妈妈咪呀6 – Chilla Cha 謝芯亞

妈妈咪呀6 - Chilla Cha 謝芯亞

“SUPER Diva,” a reality program that showcases talented, confident mothers from home and abroad. Now return to season 6, and Malaysia have Chilla Cha to participate in this season 6. That’s awesome…

“在韩国曾创全国收视奇迹的王牌节目《Super Diva》(主妇歌谣)登陆中国。由新娱乐联手韩国CJ E&M共同打造大型歌唱真人秀节目《妈妈咪呀》启动,誓要点燃中国“绝望主妇”们的华丽逆袭。让许多年少时有过歌星梦,却因为成家而搁浅的主妇们在节目中一展歌喉,绽放惊人魅力。”

FLIPBIZZ Official Launching Networking Day at Bukit Bintang City Centre

Chilla Cha (2nd from the right) joined Super Diva Season 6.

Let’s watch the HD video.

For the Full Video of the episode please goto Youtube

Knowing Chilla Cha for years, we all knew that she has the super talent in Singing, feel proud to see she singing in the show. Every great success must have the supports from family members, her husband is the Super Supporter for her.

Yes, every married women can actually do more than the society used to think of, marriage is another stage of life, but it don’t stop you from doing what you like, what you want to do. Chilla Cha prove it to all women in Malaysia when she won the Mrs Asia International 2017, and now again she show to everyone, with family supports, we can do even more.

We’ll always supports you, Chilla Cha.

Little info about Chilla Cha – Official Facebook Page

*Singer *Actress *Model *Influencer *Brand Ambassador

Top 100 International Business Style Award 2018 (Vietnam)
Asean Beauty Queen 2018 (Singapore)
Most Popular Styleicon Award by BLIA Matrade
Mrs Asia International 2017