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Sora Aoi Pregnancy Report

Sora Aoi Pregnancy Report Ameba jp

Photo take from Sora Aoi Ameba.jp

Sora Aoi, 蒼井 そら, A former AV artist, retired around year 2011 and married to musician DJ Non year 2018. In Dec 2018, she’d announced about the pregnancy news.

Based on her Ameba.jp latest report, Link. She claims that she’d received a lot of harsh comments after she announced her pregnancy news. There also a lot of supporting comments by fans and family too. She said she will buried all the negative comments and won’t not affect her decision to be a mother.

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Event: Annie Newman paints world’s first Angel Diamond & Gold Leaf “Baby Bump” Art with Estee Leong in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Event: Annie Newman paints world's first Angel Diamond & Gold Leaf "Baby Bump" Art with Estee Leong in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jeff Kong, co founder of LiFE Ribbon Community ad…ng the media

For so many years in events, tonnes of events I’d attended, this one is of the meaningful event. It involved many people, and touches many too. An Artist, a pregnant mother and brunch of friends, gather together, did something that can raise some awareness, brings up different. I always tell people that, in the life, is doesn’t matter how wealth you’re, how clever you’re, is you, how you touch people and helps them to realise their capabilities and dreams, that’s matter. Kudos to Estee Leong and Annie Newman.

The Beckhams & Datuk Jimmy Choo’s mural artist, Annie Newman paints world’s first Angel Diamond & Gold Leaf “Baby Bump” Art in KL Kuala Lumpur, 3 February 2016 – There are TWO things that sparkle in a woman’s eyes – diamonds and her child. What better way to celebrate these two but to artwork the miracle of a growing baby bump. Malaysian-born UK based mural artist to the stars, Annie Newman, was in Kuala Lumpur at an exclusive media-only event today to create magic on expectant mum to be, Estee Leong. Annie Newman is no stranger to making the ordinary look extraordinary, which is evident in her mural paintings at David & Victoria Beckham’s home and Datuk Jimmy Choo’s couture boutique in London. Continue reading