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EatsMy 好想好想吃 Top 10 Food Delivery Restaurant, reader’s choice

EatsMy 好想好想吃 Top 10 Food Delivery Restaurant, reader's choice

27 April 2020, day 41 of Movement Control Order, MCO (PKP), everyone try their ever best to stay at home, avoid going out. MCO (PKP) is the ONLY effective way to break the chain of transmission of the infection Covid-19. We need to solve a major issue if we continue to stay at home, we need to have solution or way to find food. This is the time where Food Delivery Service is so important. We have plenty of food delivery services in Malaysia, we did covered that topic in previous article. Continue reading

Beauty in The Pot now at The Gardens Mall

Beauty in The Pot @ The Gardens Mall

Beauty in The Pot @ The Gardens Mall will be opening the door to the public on 8th Nov (Friday) for our soft opening. Mark down your calendar. We’ll see you soon!

美滋锅 @ The Gardens Mall分店即将在11月8日(五)漂亮登场!我们到时见!

Beauty in The Pot is a renowned steamboat restaurant located at Genting Highland all these while, and now they’re opening the new outlet at The Garden Mall. This is a very good news to those Steamboat lover. They’re famous with their special broth, which contains collagen, which is good for all beautiful ladies, that’s why the name “Beauty in The Pot”.

Our location:
Lot T-201B, 3rd Floor, The Gardens Mall

Business hours during soft opening:

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Halloween-Style Xiao Long Bao at Paradise Dynasty

Halloween-Style Xiao Long Bao at Paradise DynastyHalloween-Style Xiao Long Bao at Paradise Dynasty

Halloween is just around the corner, and Something spooky is on the way!

Let’s have Limited Time ‘Halloween-Style’ Xiao Long Bao as your Halloween treat! Perfect to share with friends and family together and witch you a Happy Halloween!

Love their 8 colours Xiao Long Bao so much, and they never fail to surprise me with their new food and new ideas. Remembering few months ago, they did come out a limited edition Bah Kut Teh Xiao Long Bao, which they create the menu together with Samy & Min Bah Kut Teh Restaurant on the recipe.

Continuous innovative and creative ideas which can make more interesting food menu where we still keep the fundamental concept of Oriental Cooking. Bravo…

Paradise Dynasty Won numerous awards throughout the years, and they’re the Restaurant of the Year in World Top Gourmet Awards 2018.

Where to find Paradise Dynasty?

? Paradise Dynasty location:
– Lot 1F-15, Paradigm Mall I T: +603 7887 5022
– Lot 2F-17, Bangsar Village II I T: +603 2201 7022
– Lot 1F-12 & 1F-13, Pearl Shopping Gallery I T: +603 7972 9280
– Lot G-42, MyTOWN Shopping Centre I T: +603 2710 8808
– Lot G-21 & G-22, IPC Shopping Centre I T: +603 7733 0522
– Lot 1F-19, 163 Retail Park Mont Kiara I T: +603 6411 9811
– Lot T2-03, Level 1, SkyAvenue Genting Highlands I T: +603 6101 1772

Paradise Dynasty Concept:

Take a step back to imperial China and marvel at its opulence and majesty. Just like a page out of a history book, Paradise Dynasty captures the finer points of bygone eras in contemporary styles which boast a design concept with China dynasty and history influences. The dark wood walls with yellow wall-paneled lights provide mystique and coziness.

To satiate your palate, Paradise Dynasty is set to delight with both the northern and southern Chinese cuisine with an innovative touch. Delve into the legend of Paradise’s Xiao Long Bao as we pay tribute to this time-honored delicacy with the World’s first eight types of fusion xiao long bao – original, crab roe, cheese, garlic, ginseng, Szechuan, foie gras and black truffle.

Be awed by the unique dining experience and the refreshing take on delicacies in Paradise Dynasty.

Paradise Dynasty Genting Highland 1st Anniversary 樂天在云顶一岁啦!

Paradise Dynasty Genting Highland 1st Anniversary 樂天在云顶一岁啦!

Paradise Dynasty Genting Highland 1st Anniversary 樂天在云顶一岁啦!

Paradise Group had landed at Genting Highland for one year, they have 3 outlet there, the Iconic Paradise Dynasty, Beauty in the Pot and LeNu restaurant. Their restaurant definitely is a good choice for family gathering, and friend catchup session.

I love their Xiao Long Bao, especially the truffle one. As for family gathering, I will pick Beauty in the pot, which I love their collagen soup. Continue reading