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How to make money, how to build up Personal Branding?

How to make easy money?

How to make easy money?

There are so many kinds of work, profession, and business, which one have the Blue Ocean to swim? Which one is the niche at current stage? The wise mind will know which one is the best to work for, to invest into.

We had discuss about the step one for how to make money easily, you can read it. How to identify how to make money? We also cover the topic how to define and makesure you do the right business at Define Your Business Model. And we had discuss about how to work happy to earn more money too.

Now we need to know the very important element in business at this moment, how to build up Personal Branding? Continue reading

How do I survive in Product Branding Marketing?

How do I survive in Personal Branding Marketing?

Product Branding Marketing, taken from alan-lim.com

Branding is a big word now a day, when everyone talks about it day in day out. Everyone claims that they’re doing own branding, coaching others for branding and some even said their are branding Guru. Only few person I knew and they’re doing Branding/Images coaching, such as Steve Wee (Brand Yourself), CT Chin (CTCHIN) and Alan Lim (alan-lim.com). Branding is something we can’t quantify, value it in dollar cost, it comes together with your personal images, personal attitude and quality of your product/service. Continue reading