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What you should do before request a Airbnb Photography?

What you should do before request a Airbnb Photography?

I’d covered the topic of “How to get people to do professional photography?“, I think most of the Airbnb Host understand that well. You just need to request the photography service from your host dashboard, and Airbnb will link you with the appointed photographer, that’s it, so easy.

Anyhow, You know you have the privilege to request professional photography service from Airbnb, does not means you can misuse it or request for fun. Of course there is a minimum charges on the photography service now, I bet as a businessman/women should be clearly understand that investment in business is a MUST.

Let’s see what you Should not do when you request a Airbnb Photography Service.
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Do and Don’t in Homestay Business, especially in Airbnb

Do and Don't in Homestay Business, especially in Airbnb

Taken from alphotos

In these few years, Homestay or Short-Term rental had been a trend in South East Asia, especially in Malaysia. Due to the rental price of Homestay significantly lower than Hotel, even lower than Boutique Hotel. It been always address as Rival of Hotel/Boutique Hotel, cause they lost in some share in tourist market. In actual fact, it only affected the boutique hotel, because Homestay or short term rent unit not big different from boutique hotel, some even better than it with lower price. For the renowned Hotel, they still have their own niche in the market.

As a Homestay Operator, or Homestay Owner, there’re some Do and Don’t that need to follow. Continue reading