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Most Annoying Group Wefie photos you’d ever see

by JinnyBoy TV

Group photo, now a day many of us call it “Wefie” and I call it “Usfie”. When a brunch of friends gather together, we loves to take photos, as memory, as proof of gathering or as for sake of taking photo for Facebook sharing.

When we’re enjoying taking Wefie/Usfie, did you know you might cause some people around you feel uneasy.  Continue reading

10 simplest ways to make Photographers hate you

10 simplest ways to make Photographers hate you

Taken from website

Photographer, usually the most friendly person in any occasion. They always smile, helpful, and they capture your most beautiful moment. They are everywhere and always ready to assist you, attended your needs.

Just because they’re friendly, helpful, always smile, doesn’t means they’re FOC, “FREE of CHARGE”.
Just because their work at this moment in Softcopy, doesn’t means it won’t cost any dollars and cents.
Just because you not willing to pay, doesn’t means they need to work for FREE (Even they’re your best Friend).

If you feel that Photographer should not charge you, and you don’t wish to see them anymore. There are 10 easiest ways to chase them away, far far away. Continue reading