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Thailand Celebrates 4 Million Arrivals of Malaysian Tourists

Thailand Celebrates 4 Million Arrivals of Malaysian Tourists

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is organising a Gala Dinner for “Thanks 4 Million – Let’s Celebrate Songkran Festival” on Friday 19th April 2019, at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Venue: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Date: 19th April 2019
Time: 17:00-18:00 Press Conference
18:00 Onwards Gala Dinner

Thailand Celebrates 4 Million Arrivals of Malaysian Tourists

It marks the success in welcoming 4 million Malaysians into Thailand in 2018 which generated revenue of 114,896 million Baht or approx. RM 14,730million Ringgit to Thailand. In fact, there are approx. 39 million arrival to Thailand from around the world. 10% out of it, is from Malaysia. Clap Clap for it. Continue reading

improve search engine rankings | 5 simple fast ways to improve search engine ranking in Google and Yahoo

Improve search engine rankings | 5 simple fast ways to improve search engine ranking in Google and Yahoo

Search Engine Optimization is essential element of the internet today. SEO relates to the ways of people finds websites on the web and how well everyone fare with Google, Bing or Yahoo. If public did not perform well at search engines ranking, anyone may be wondering what went wrong with our webpage. Here are the top five effective ways often used by internet webmasters and search engine optimization professionals if she are looking to improve our search engines rankings commendably

1. The main page Title

This is the most important factor that major search engines takes on for search engine rankings. Adopt everyone main keywords as your own main page title. The website title shall be the most important element to influence our search engine ranking. As a rule, use around sixty words of our main keywords for main url title. Keep the keyword title densty slow to avoid being labeled as spam by search engine.

2. H1 Descriptions in post

The another essential element would definitely be your H1 header. Search engine does count on H1 tag description to determine the SERP rankings. Use H1 tags for all the essential keywords. Do not over use the H1 with the same keywords to avoid being detected as spam.

3. Links from other site to the site

Backlink would be the link linking from other site to all the website. Search engines measure the prevalence of our webpage by amount of backlinks to our site. A effecient method of building backlinks is by forum commenting. Building all the backlink slowly is recommended. It is recommended to be linked from site that are the same domain as our own webpage.

4. Original content within post

Good original quality content is crucial for major search engines ranking. Maintain the site with good content Major search engines are able to distinguish whether the content is copied. Website that has good original quality content does also encourage organic

5. Static URL for the post

A different important means would definitely be our website url. Adopt readable static html instead of query string. Be sure to include all keyword in the static url. A lot of search engines prefer static url rather than query string.

The most basics to instantly improve the search engine rankings. If planning to succeed in seo , it is very important to spend the time and effort on the method mentioned. Find the secrets to improve search engine rankings and get better search engine placements on worldwide webpage today. Be sure to visit our website If public are interested to know more about methods to increase search engine ranking

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