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How you invite Stress & Tension into your life?

Do and Don't in Homestay Business, especially in Airbnb

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We love to have simple life, we don’t want to have a stressful life, tension make us feel tired everyday. Life is tough, but that is not fully true, because we are the contributor to our tough life too. What we contribute to our life which can make it so tough?

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Movie review by Alan Lim: The Pursuit of Happyness

Movie review by Alan Lim: The Pursuit of Happyness

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2006 Will Smith‘s Movie based on Chris Gardner‘s story, which struggle homeless for nearly one year. Co-star is Smith’s son, Jaden Smith act as his son in this movie. Father and Son work together for the first time. Before this movie, they did work together in Men in Black II, but Jaden only appeared as Cameo. This round, they work side by side in the whole movie. Continue reading