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Life: How to write a Resume for job application

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You may write thousand or few hundred thousand of words in this life about everything. Even though you are the expert of writing for any topic in the world, but the most important one is the Resume of yourself. Is like a sale brochure for yourself, is the true description of you, and it also decide the cost/price of you.

A good resume gives you better oppurtunity in job application. Let’s think about it, you or resume reach first in applying job? Answer always is “Resume”, either you write it or you deposit to the company website, still they read your resume before they meeting you. How to write a Resume for job application? Continue reading

Life: How to capture a Good photo

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How to capture a good photograph? How to capture the moment, the split second of eternity? It seem like a complicated question with might need a thousand brilliant minds to answer it. But how?

Is that so difficult to capture or produce a good picture? Even when the world digital camera technology being so advance, producing a “good” picture still a questionable doubt? Continue reading

How to destroy a person in few simple steps

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How to destroy a person in few simple steps. Frankly speaking is how to make a person stay away from you, and stay negative and devastated. You do not have the intention todo so, sometime what you said, you did, might just drive them crazy.

Ask yourself, have you destroy anyone? Continue reading

How to make money with your talent?

In America, there is a show name “America’s Got Talent”, and in China there are tonnes of similar show for people to show their talent, to shine. Some winner really make a big name in the market and some are not. These kind of platform mainly to discover the talent within their country, and those talent can be a valuable asset to them, to make money for them.

How to make money with your TALENT?  Continue reading