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How to transfer Whatsapp Data Iphone to Iphone

When your iPhone is dead, or you plan to change to another new iPhone, the biggest issue you gonna face is how to backup all the available datas.

There are tonnes of ways to backup iPhone data and restore it when it needed. The easiest way of doing it by using iTunes.

How to transfer Whatsapp Data Iphone to Iphone

Advise to backup the iPhone data into the Computer. When you got your new device, new iPhone, setup all the basic setting such as language, password, etc then connect the usb cable to do the restoration for the new iPhone.

Even iTunes backup most of the setting from the old iPhone, old Device, but it don’t backup the Whatsapp data, no it won’t.

For the Whatsapp Data, you need to do it separately in Whatsapp App.

  1. You goto your Whatsapp Setting > Chats

How to transfer Whatsapp Data Iphone to Iphone

2. In the Chats > Chat Backup

You need to enable the iClouds drive, and set Whatsapp Backup. Remember to turns off the Mobile Data if you don’t wish to consumer any mobile datas, just back up by using WiFi. How to transfer Whatsapp Data Iphone to Iphone

3. In Chat Backup > Backup NOW

Once you click it, it will automatic backup everything in Whatsapp. Please remember to check the capacity of your iClouds, you need to have enough space todo backup.

How to transfer Whatsapp Data Iphone to Iphone

Once Whatsapp is DONE backup, you’re ready to remove the simcard and start to do setup on the NEW iPhone.


Apple announce EndGames for iTunes

After 18 years of services, Apple announce to shut down iTunes Service soon. iTunes launched at 2001 and later it combine with the iTunes Store enable user to purchase and own the music digitally which brings a total new way of Music industry.

However, technology advancing daily is a super fast mode, now we can own the music by many ways. Apple introduce Apple Music in 2015 which really gave a big impact to iTunes, where leads to result today. Continue reading