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Leng Yein & Khen Chua is getting married

Leng Yein & Khen Chua is getting married

Photo from My Dream Wedding – Malaysia FB Page

Biggest news in Malaysia now, beside the Mrs. Malaysia Tourism Queen International 2019, then should be “Leng Yein & Khen Chua is getting married”. Congratulation to them.

They’re going to have a very special type of wedding ceremony, where is open to all FANS of Leng Yein to attend, to witness and to share their happiest moment.

In the coming Signature Weds Asia Fair 2019, KLCC Conventional Center, they will held a 200pax fans, and vvip to witness they said “I do” on 3rd August 2019. Continue reading

Pokemon Go Trainer MUST Know – 13 Hotspots for Pokemon Go at Kuala Lumpur

Something you don't know about Pokemon Go & Niantic Labs

Pokemon GO changed little or more to everyone lifestyle. Pokemon has managed to take over Malaysian within days of launching in the country.

Trend for Pokemon Trainer’s greeting now is “any Pokestops on you direction?” Or “Have you see any rare Pokemon nearby?”

Everywhere can see group of Pokemon Trainers running around just to catch a Pokemon, and Let’s tell you where is the Best place to hand around for Pokemon.

** We will inform you where you can catch PIKACHU, YOU MUST KNOW!

Here we go, the top 13 Hotspots for Pokemon Go in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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