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Movie Reviews : Polariod

Movie Reviews : Polariod

Polariod, the name of a Instant camera pop out in everyone minds. Of course there are more brand having Instant Camera, but Polariod is the only name in our mind when come to instant print camera.

This movie started with two teenagers found a Antique Polariod camera, took a photo, and the person in the photo died miserably, unexplained. In the movie, who ever appears in the photo captured by the camera, sure died. When the camera capture the photo of a person, there is a shadow in the photo, that the sign of the death. Continue reading

Movie Reviews: Golden Job 黄金兄弟

Golden Job alifebe

Golden Job 黄金兄弟, a Hong Kong Movie which re-unite the main cast of “Young & Dangerous” (古惑仔) to take part as Main Character. It been up in the cinema for quite some ago, and I didn’t manage to watch it until today.

Honestly speaking, as a movie, I consider it been shooting in very well manner, sound effect, explosion effect, and all the car chasing stunts. Well done to everyone, especially to all five main actors (they isn’t young anymore, but maybe still dangerous). Continue reading