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Movie Reviews: Golden Job 黄金兄弟

Golden Job alifebe

Golden Job 黄金兄弟, a Hong Kong Movie which re-unite the main cast of “Young & Dangerous” (古惑仔) to take part as Main Character. It been up in the cinema for quite some ago, and I didn’t manage to watch it until today.

Honestly speaking, as a movie, I consider it been shooting in very well manner, sound effect, explosion effect, and all the car chasing stunts. Well done to everyone, especially to all five main actors (they isn’t young anymore, but maybe still dangerous). Continue reading

Movie Review by Alan Lim: Our Times, 我的少女時代 2015

Movie Review by Alan Lim: Our Times, 我的少女時代 2015

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After 那些年,我們一起追的女孩, this is another simple love story that touch million of heart, million of soul. There were too many World End, Live or Die “Love Story” from USA, where love story always happens in between tragedy or disasters. Actually, a plain simple love story that will really truly madly and lasting forever. Agree with me?

“Generation that without Internet, without mobile phone; Missing In Action is an easy task” Continue reading