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Low Price don’t make you rich, make your business die faster (Price War)

Low Price don't make you rich, make your business die faster (Price War)

During bad economy time, everyone face a lot of difficulty in business, especially to seal the deal, or to continue keep the client. To create a proper quotation which fulfil customer requirement, and same time much include the profit margin. A proper quotation always look nice, look complete, but most of the time it do not secure the job, because there is another quotation from competitor with > 50% lower than your price. You will be shock, “What the heck?“. This is so called Price War.

Price War, Commercial competition by repeatedly cutting down the price in order to make it lower than other competitors & market price. It is widely happens in business world now, and most of the “Low Price” business person think they have the advantage in getting business where they’d managed to grab some business from competitor due to extremely low price. Continue reading

We do not have any budget

We do not have any budget for Photography, Live Band, Videographer and Photo booth

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If you’re involve in Event, Entertainment, Publisher or Fashion line, bet you always heard this “We do not have any budget“. They will add on and invite you to be SPONSOR for the particular event/show.

Budget is setup/allocate when organiser start do planning on their event/project. They will have the total budget allocation for everything, such as “Venue Rental”, “Event Planner” (included Photography/videography/makeup/wardrobe/stage decoration). If everything is in the plan, how come they can tell you “We do not have any budget“. Continue reading